Online Sharing/Integration of Official Documents from SharePoint to Website

ABC is one of the foremost companies situated in New Zealand to provide solution to water tanks, water pumps and waste water treatment systems it has numerous heating projects throughout the country, it’s one of New Zealand’s leading experts in central heating and underfloor heating system. It uses SharePoint for storing their official documents. . 



Perform online Survey For Health Care Organizations

XYZ is a non-profit organization in Saudi Arabia that provides expertise and guidance to healthcare institutions across the country for improving the quality of services and patient safety. This organization is official agency authorized to grant accredited certificates to all governmental and private healthcare facilities operating in Saudi Arabia. The Motive of this organization is to improve healthcare quality and safety standards for the governmental and private hospital across the Saudi region. . 



Managing References and Demo in Microsoft CRM 2013

One of our clients XYZ which is an IT company from Canada it sells its diverse and innovative products of ERP. His clients range from small to larger-sized organizations across a wide range of industries–from single-user environments to those with hundreds of users in multiple locations. . 



Data Migration from Salesforce to MS Crm 365

ABC is situated in Australia. ABC has been working with consultants, integrators, and organizations to build solutions that use biometric technologies to improve and automate business processes and provide security check devices. ABC were using Salesforce Crm for past few years and wanted to upgrade another CRM which address their needs and improved coordination for the overall sales, marketing and customer service efforts. . 



Data Migration from Maximizer Crm to MS Crm 365

XYZ is situated in UK. XYZ provides IT services to its clients. They primarily focused on businesses, government, domestic and content providers and mobile wireless companies. XYZ were using Maximizer Crm for past few years for managing their customer service request and wanted to upgrade another CRM which address their needs and improved coordination for the overall sales, marketing and customer service efforts. . 



Lead Management Using MS CRM 2016

One of our client XYZ Company is a financial organization that acquires lead from various sources. These leads were assigned to their sales team for further follow ups. Management wanted see reports and charts to understand the progress being made by the sales team . 



Online Childcare Booking System

XYZ is an organization in UK which provides sports activities and childcare during every school holiday at different venues throughout the Midlands and offers you and your child a safe, fun-filled, flexible and affordable childcare solution. The primary focus of this organization is to provide childcare in a much more active/efficient way in which children can get involve in physical activities like cricket, dance, football etc. types of activities. So this organization accepts bookings from parents for their children during school holiday time so that the children could spend the holidays much actively rather than sitting idle at home or just watching Television. . 



Online Web Portal to Purchase Certification Courses

ABC is a Plumbing and Heating Contractors organization in UK which help in plumbing and heating contractors to run professional and profitable businesses, whilst ensuring consumers to have a better standard of workmanship and service. ABC encourages training and best practices to be followed within the industry, providing consumers with the reassurance of quality service. This organization provides the Certification courses to the Plumbing & Heating Contractors in UK so that their work is carried out to a professional standard. . 



Fundraising Solution for Not For Profit Organization

Customer is a recognized 'Not For Profit' leader in building stronger and more vibrant community. Their mission is to inspire people to help others, increasing resources to meet needs and fostering innovative solutions to problems. Using a combination of Microsoft Office Legacy system, they did not have an efficient way to track donor information which created daily hours of administrative task for the employees excel spreadsheets, paper  documents. 


Event Management Solution

XYZ, one of the leading Event Management Companies which is situated in Melbourne, Australia used CRM for automating their processes and improved their efficiency. They started their operations in late 1990’s. They cater a large section of society in organizing variety of events. From organizing business seminars, conferences, chat shows, to debates, interviews and discussions. They wanted an integrated system to manage databases and automate some of their processes for better management. The company had some branding issues as well as security concerns about the payment, purchasing gift vouchers and tickets of event. Guest Speaker’s biographies as well as their engagement management for the events were manual and were prone to errors. They also wanted venue management and room management, etc. XRM Labs helped them in automating these processes, which helped them in effective resource management. They distributed activities to the corresponding skilled and experienced managers, etc. The customers were now confident in purchasing tickets for their favorite shows. The audience turnover for each event increased as well as the events and Guest speakers were happy to get personal attention. With the provided solutions they got improved customer satisfaction and higher revenues by effectively managing things.


Health Services and Hospital/Health Care Management Solution

A health care, charitable and not for profit organization in South Australia, established in early 1960’s provide services to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their guardians. Autism is a disorder in which a child suffers in delays in social skills, mental and language disorders. The guardians and teachers need special training. The patients are given treatments like therapies, physical and behavioral training, consultation, and very few times medications. The trainers, doctors, consultants, therapists, etc. are contacted for training and treatment schedules, their database and appointments are to be managed. The child and their parents are contacted for diagnosis and if detected positive then for treatment. Case files were maintained for individual patients, etc. In this organization number of patients increased and result was mismanagement. The reason was scattered databases, case files, appointment files, etc. Everything was manually managed by the internal staff and nothing was organized. Information retrieval was too long and most of the time information was lost.  XRM Labs helped them through customized CRM implementation. Most of the issues were resolved but the best results were “highest customer satisfaction since inception”.


Membership / Associations Management Solution

‘ABC’ Association is one of the top Business Supporting Association in Sydney, Australia. They started their operations in late 1990’s. It is now a big business supporting association having big partners and other member support. The association wanted to expand its operations but it was not equipped with the tools required for managing the volume of members. It also faced problems like missing leads. The leads were not managed properly. Member communication was poor and staff did not have sufficient information to provide good quality interactions with the members. Premium members needed special attention. Manual e-mail system was becoming a mess. XRM Labs suggested them a fully functional XRM portal service. It connected their website with the CRM System and also provided Content Management through DNN (Dot Net Nuke). After implementing the system, the efficiency was improved tremendously. The Member service delivery also improved. Better fund and staff utilization, Renewal management and new members were managed effectively. Payment was more secure. An important issue of lead management was solved. The leads were now not missed as they were managed through CRM.


Website Contact Us to CRM Lead

ABC Company is a large facility management firm. As a part of the web advertisement strategy they have a website which lists down their innovative services, speciality, human resources and leadership. The company used a well known "Content Management Tool" for managing their website.  For effective management of sales process the company also uses MS CRM 2013 online edition.


XERO MS CRM Connector

XYZ an Australian organization, with primary focus on providing leadership skills training to the top management of different industry verticals. For imparting training XYZ used to organize many paid events, seminars and private consultation and one to one chat reviews.
For maintaining financial records XYZ uses Xero ( which is an online accounting software. XYZ Company is also using Dynamic CRM 2011 as its CRM solution. As XYZ Company is using two different software working independently and there was no synchronization between them, it faced problems like having duplicate/redundant data in both the system as synchronization was done manually, Xero which is the accounting software was not getting the updated customer contact information from the CRM system (generally salesperson have the latest contact information about the customer and salesperson were using CRM system only), in the same way sales persons were unable to look at the historical invoices and the status of their customer in the CRM, thus reducing their ability to close the sales faster. 


GFI Max Remote Monitoring Software To Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

XYZ is a company in United Kingdome. The primary focus of this company is to maintain computer systems of its clients, spread all over UK. For doing so they use GFI Max Remote Monitoring software. This is a third party software which once installed on the client machine with a valid key to identify a GFI client, has the ability to send the information about the health of that machine back to its server. GFI then provides its registered user a dashboard on its site, where they can see what is going on with the systems registered under them. 


Online Web Portal To Automate Scheduling Of Property Handover Meeting.

XYZ is well-known privately owned business company is another one of our client in UK.  XYZ deals in real estate and hospitality sector with a proven track record in delivery of housing project to their customers. For delivering properties to client XYZ book a meeting to attend site with XYZ company representatives to self-snag their apartment. For this process the clients receive notification of completion of their apartments and are given a date from which they can have their handover to their purchase.


Integration between SharePoint and Website

ABC is one of the foremost companies situated in New Zealand to provide solution to water tanks, water pumps and waste water treatment systems it has numerous heating projects throughout the country, it’s one of New Zealand’s leading experts in central heating and underfloor heating system.  It uses SharePoint for storing their official documents.  At many occasions ABC had to send word/pdf documents to the client for review and approval. ABC earlier used to send the document location (URL) copied from SharePoint and pasted them in email and then send to the client’s mailbox or sent the document itself as an attachment in the mail.


Travel & location finder Android and IOS App

Our client is from Uk who helps tourist to plan and enjoy their iconic coastal route that covers over 500 miles of the stunning North Highlands. Our client Provides tour and adventure information it has a website which provides all the information regarding the travel routes and site seeing info. The Official website of them helps tourist to plan and enjoy coastal route area adventure with an interactive map, itineraries, blogs and much more! And search across the map to, identify places to stop and see how close you are to great locations and places.



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