1. What benefits your services provide?

Quality business with XRM Labs will provide you with following benefits -:

Confidential client details- We do not leak or share with anyone our client's confidential data.

Cost Benefits- 60% of money invested by you will revert back to you as savings.
Outstanding results- We provide you with world class services yielding better investment return. 

2. How much investment is required?

Our costs vary depending largely on skills, amount of time taken and nature of project. 

3. What quality of people you recruit? 

Our team is full of experts in various domains. Our team consists of the following bunch of experts-:

  • Various Graduate /post Graduate level engineers who communicate effectively in English.
  •  Experts having multi-levels and multi-industry experience.
  •  People having experience in off shore projects with US/European Clients.
  • Project leads with good global technological insights given to spending 2+ yrs in US/Europe.
  • Industry certified professionals usually in Microsoft or Java domain i.e. (MCSE, MCP, Sun Certified).

4. What are the reasons for such low cost of services? 

We are an Indian Software development company and therefore for UK/US clients, rate seems low owing to relatively lower value of Indian currency. 

5. What type of payment model you adopt? 

We work for fixed price projects as well as rate per hour basis. For clients who are committed to a long term business deal with us, we also offer a monthly rate which can be discussed at the time of deal. 

6. How confidential are you?

We sign the confidentiality agreement and NDAs with our clients and we ensure you that our employees remain adhered to confidentiality values of the company. We also have provisions for isolated cells for sensitive projects which are secluded from any public network. All kinds of CD -Writers and internet uploads larger than thresholds also need authorization. 

7. How do you assure your project quality? 

We have diligent and enthusiastic developers who write quality error free codes having least algorithm complexity thereby producing well desired output. Our QA and testing team are experts in their domain delivering a refined product to the client by making excessive use of Black Box Testing, White Box Testing, Regression Testing, alpha and beta testing mechanisms. We keep quality under tight control by reviewing codes periodically and making the use of design walk-throughs. We adopt a very methodological approach in project management and usually our projects are delivered before the deadline.

8. Why XRM? Why not companies having bigger brand name? 

Brand name MNCs are usually concerned with their top clients and they won't be paying much attention to your project as much as the project concerning their top preferences. They would either put your project on a hold or assign it to their entry level trainees. Why on earth would anyone let their critical project under such hands? As XRM Labs are concerned, we respect all our clients and are very much dedicated to their service. Also we assign the projects to our expert level developers who guarantee value based as well as time based delivery. In order to pave way for your successful business, we operate your project very deliberately step by step in order to deliver an error free product in the end.

9. How can you keep us informed about the progress? 

We send our clients periodical project status reports using pre-determined update schedules, i.e. Email and sometimes ad hoc meetings i.e. Tele conferences or live chat.

10. Would you mind doing pilot projects?

Before an actual project, we love to do pilot project with our clients. Pilot projects strengthen trust and assures you how capable we are. Our pilot projects are either first sub system of a major project or an independent project in itself. Project duration is about 2-4 weeks. At XRM Labs pilot project are also treated as a serious projects and we undertake it very the same zeal and enthusiasm.


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