Fundraising Solution for Not For Profits Organization

Fast Facts Region: Sydney, NSW, Australia

Industry: Not for Profit

Customer Profile

Customer is a recognized not-for-profit leader in building a stronger and more vibrant community. The organization’s mission is to inspire people to help others, increase resources to meet needs, and foster innovative solutions to problems.  

Business Situation

Using a combination of the Microsoft Office Legacy systems, they did not have an efficient way to track donor information. Hence, it created daily hours of administrative work for the employees who used Excel spreadsheets and paper documents.


A Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 implementation that is tightly integrated with Microsoft Outlook 2010 and other legacy systems.


On-demand reporting of vital donor statistics that previously took two months to compile.

• Increased field time for the staff due to decreased paperwork.

• Available data for mobile.

• Targeting marketing and communications that was not possible in previous services and software.  

• Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

• Microsoft Outlook 2010 

• Microsoft .NET Framework  

• Xrm CRM Implementation 


“With Microsoft CRM, everyone wins but the number one group of people that wins is the donors because Microsoft CRM 2011 helps to be as efficient as possible, and that makes us good stewards of donor resources.” - XYZ 

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM improves donor connections and improves fundraising efforts. The company sales staff was spending up to four hours per day doing paperwork or manual activities. 

Microsoft CRM frees up the majority of their time to allow the staff to interact more with clients and donors face to face. It also increased the organization's functionality like fundraising, pledges/planned giving, membership, event management, client service delivery, merchandise, volunteers and staff, and more.

Functionality can be made invisible on a role by role or user by user basis to simplify usability. Experience has been obtained with a number of major Australian NPOs with systems of up to 260 users.

The system also has an accounts receivable functionality and can integrate with a variety of financial packages, Verisign, and other payment gateways. Microsoft Dynamics is a line of integrated, adaptable business management solutions that enables you and your people to make business decisions with greater confidence. 

Microsoft Dynamics works like other Microsoft software like Microsoft Office, so there is a minimal learning curve for your people. Therefore, they can start quickly and focus on the most important tasks.

And because it is from Microsoft, it easily works with the systems that your company already has implemented. By automating and streamlining financial, customer relationship, and supply chain processes, Microsoft Dynamics intertwines people, processes, and technologies. Thus, increasing the productivity and effectiveness of your business and driving your business to success. 

XYZ is a large, independent Australian organization with a population base of almost 3,000,000 people. The organization garners donations from less than 1% of the population. This leaves a large untapped donor base that the employees did not have time to reach. Connecting with their existing donor base and spending more time with potential donors is critical to the organization’s mission. The current systems in place at the client’s site did not facilitate easily or personalize connections. In addition, the current system and paper-based data sources took away valuable field time from the client’s representatives - time that could have been spent recruiting new clients and donors.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 was implemented by us to provide the single source of client and donor information that was previously lacking in their CRM product and paper-based tracking systems. Capitalizing on the integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Outlook 2003, users were able to quickly adapt to the new system by using the intuitive, common Outlook interface that was already implemented in the client’s site. Custom application development was used to migrate existing data, integrate further with existing legacy systems, and develop custom reports.


XYZ has benefited tremendously from this new implementation. The organization finds this application critical to its ability to newly connect with clients and donors in a more strategic and easy manner. Their staff logged 18,000 donor related activities in the first year of implementation. These activities were impossible to track before the CRM was implemented in the organization.

Data in the CRM system is now available in a matter of minutes, which helps XYZ to better plan future campaigns and provide management with statistics that previously took months to compile. This real-time access includes insights into the progress of current campaigns, which allows the management team to adjust activities accordingly to reach their goals. 

Field staff productivity is greatly improved as well. They can now disconnect from the network and take their CRM data with them on their mobile device, which provides critical client and calendar data for their meetings. 

The marketing staff is understanding the effectiveness of the tool as well. Now, the team can put together targeted newsletters and communications that were previously time consuming and manually done. The companies that receive these communications feel a sense of connectedness that is meant to increase donor interest and awareness.

One last benefit is the overall ease of use of the system; each year, hundreds of temporary personnel are loaned to the organization and the system. With its familiar interface, the staff can train them in minimal time. 

The event management functionality modules is offered as a standalone system. Bookings of seats and/or tables are available with varying costs, food preferences, and event sessions including their management, speakers, accommodations, and more. If some of the functionality is not required (eg. multiple daily session management), it is not visible after the event is setup to ensure intuitive user interaction on an event by event basis.

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