CRM helped in profit increase of a leading Event Management Company

Executive Summary

XYZ is one of the leading event management companies in Melbourne, Australia and used CRM to automate their processes and improve their efficiency. They started their operations in the late 1990’s, and they cater a large section of industries in organizing various events. They organized business seminars, conferences, chat shows, debates, interviews, and discussions. They wanted an integrated system to manage their database and automate some of their processes for better management. The company had some branding issues and security concerns about the payments, gift vouchers, and event tickets. Guest speaker’s biographies and engagement management for the events were done manually and were prone to errors. They also wanted venue management, room management, etc. We helped them automate these processes, which helped them in effectively manage their resources. They correctly distributed activities to skilled and experienced managers and workers. The customers were now confident in purchasing tickets for their favorite shows. The audience turnover for each event increased, and the events and guest speakers were happy to receive personal attention. With the provided solutions, they improved customer satisfaction and increased their revenue.

Problem faced By Company

The main problem faced by the company was a lack of automation in their business processes. The booking system was forwarding the customers to a separate website which created insecurity. The right people were not allocated to the right job, and the activities were not tracked due to conflicting project schedules and lack of communication among the project teams. Thus, leading to redundancy of activities due to lack of coordination. The increased number of events and audience were difficult to manage. The guest speakers biography creation/addition, and their engagement management lead to several problems. Also, effective traditional marketing of events were not possible.

XYZ needed the following solutions:

  • • An integrated system that can manage the events, venues and guest speakers
  • • An engagement management system for guest speakers to confirm their dates for events 
  • • A centralized venue and room management system that helps manage and effectively utilize available venues for each event 
  • • A system that coordinates event activities to effectively coordinate between the managers and staff 
  • • A coordinated communication channel to invite customers and guest speakers 
  • • A proper marketing tool for branding and promoting their events 
  • • Their own ticket booking system for security reasons 
  • • A planning tool to estimate activities and project costs for limited budgeted events

Solution they tried-what they tried before contacting us

XYZ manager tried to solve their problems by organizing contacts in MS Excel sheets and MS Access. They communicated with the staff and tried connecting with emails and phone calls, but with the growing number of events and employees, it became worse than ever.

Our Solution-what we have done through CRM

We encouraged them to set up an XRM portal (i.e. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 based customized system and a fully functional website of their own) to cater most of their needs. We provided the following functionalities:

  • • A centralized database system for storing all the information of their customers, guest speakers, and employees.
  • • Guest speaker’s biography management for updates and preferences (IE. drink choices, food choices, hotels, airlines, etc.).
  • • An integrated, automatic e-mail system to send invitations to potential customers and guest speakers to confirm their availability for the upcoming events.
  • • A venue management system to effectively allocate venues and other event related resources among different event teams.
  • • An attendance management system for different sections, which helps analyze the popularity of a particular event in various regions. It also helps them plan a similar event in the same region. 
  • • Creating customized dashboards for real time access to pending and completed activities and project management of different events.
  • • Subscribing and unsubscribing to newsletters.
  • • Gift voucher management to help purchase gift vouchers for the guest speakers from their promotional partners and to mutually promote both companies.
  • • Online tracking of activities and responses from the staff engaged in the events. 
  • • A marketing tool for creating new marketing lists and campaigns that suit different categories of events. It also targets certain customers and segments them with appropriate tags. 
  • • Automate their branding needs by providing booking tickets on their own website. 
  • • A planning system for managing the budgets of various events, and a financial reporting system to match estimated and actual total costs of the project.

Technology Used
1. Microsoft Dynamic CRM 2011
2. Microsoft Outlook 2010
3. Microsoft .NET Framework
4. XRM CRM Implementation

Client Benefits –their improved statistics (Facts and Figures)

With XRM (Extended CRM) portal implementation, the client improved its customer satisfaction, staff utilization, and coordination.

Samuel David, the Director of XYZ, said, “We are thankful to XRM Labs as they improved our ratings and there is 57% increase in our profitability”. Profitability increased due to reduced costs and handling more events per month.

Head of Marketing and Communication, Miss P. O’Brien, said, “We are serving our Guest speaker’s better, by focusing on their priorities, they are happy with us.”

“Our events are gaining 32% more audience than before. Greater customer response due to focused targeted marketing and fast communication with clients” - S. Hick, Marketing Manager of XYZ.


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