Supply Ordering Portal Management   

Executive Summary

Our client XYZ is from the USA and provides extraordinary, professional, and reliable commercial cleaning and facility maintenance services. XYZ has established itself as the ideal commercial cleaning and facility maintenance solution for more than 35,000 locations like commercial offices, health care, banking, and industrial facilities. They do this daily and at every location through a national network of first-class certified cleaners, insured subcontractors, and franchised cleaning operators.. 

Problems faced by XYZ Company
The XYZ company used to face problems in receiving orders from their franchisees and clients due to the massive cleaning network in the USA. 

Currently, the Franchisee or customer needs to call the client XYZ and place the order, and later, XYZ calls them back to confirm the order and get the order approved over call simultaneously.

Franchisees need to order cleaning items from XYZ for the cleaning contract received through them at different cleaning locations. But several times, there was the problem of on-time approval or unavailability of the product.. 

The existing system was complete customer care calling type process in which the client calls and places his order by speaking to its location customer support representative.

It was a manual process, so it was very prone to human error. And such type of issues was putting XYZ in a bad light.

So, the company required a centralized system that could smoothly connect both sides to place orders and get them approved to overcome highlighted issues. XYZ daily needs to handle the ordering of its cleaning-related items and approval from the approval managers for all 5000+ cleaning locations.

Our Solution

To overcome the issues faced by XYZ company, XRM Labs suggested XYZ implement an online Supply Order portal. This solution had two online portals integrated together with the front-end customer ordering portal, which allows its Franchisee and customer to order all cleaning items at their doorstep, and a back-office online portal for XYZ staff users to create an account, locations, products, product category, etc. and do the approvals of order items along with few managerial reports.

Key Features

The main focus of this chosen approach is to eliminate manual non-value-added activities. Taking this approach helped save time, lower associated costs, and achieve higher customer satisfaction.

Following are the key features of both the front end and back end portals:

• The customer portal displays all available items location-wise. This portal behaves like a typical eCommerce online order portal with features like search item, view item, order item, and track order item. 
• To order from the customer portal, users must log in with their user account.
• Each product has its QR code, and users can print the list of QR codes of the products and put it in their locations for frequent ordering; by scanning its QR code, the item will be directly added to your cart as it is scanned. 
• Customers can see the product description, price, and availability in their selected location for ordering. 
• Once the order is placed, it can also be tracked as the status changes until it is delivered. 
• The back-office portal allows accessibility based on the role of the user. For example, an approval manager can approve/reject ordered products, but an Administrator can access all the system's features. 
• Few reports are also provided to the back-office portal, like invoices and the yearly purchase budget of the client. 

Customer Portal:

Back Office Portal:

Technologies Used
• DotNetNuke 9.10.02
• HTML, CSS, Java Script

Client Benefits
After implementing the Supply Order Management System, XYZ experienced the following benefits:

• Ordering simplified dramatically, and customer feedback was positive.
• Location-based product availability ordering and on-time approvals with email acknowledgments on each step.
• After our solution implementation, no wrong items were ordered on behalf of the client as now the client himself placed his order.
• Proper order tracking was provided with email acknowledgments as the order status changed.
• Now customer has a 360-degree view to track these ordered items.
• Our client now has an online system that enables security roles for different levels of users, such as customers, approval managers, and franchises for all users for better management. These steps eliminate a lot of confusion among XYZ staff.
• It improved XYZ's business through high productivity, reduced lead time, improved quality, reduced space, and reduced unnecessary inventory at the customer end.

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