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Let xTimesheet mobile application do the work for you! An employee timesheet management app that's easy for everyone. It allows you to record working hours with a simple push of a button with accurate and efficient time tracking. Employees can submit timesheets and managers can directly approve or reject timesheets directly from their phones! Thanks to the power of xTimesheet App, managers and administrators can see these updates in real time.

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Doctor Dento

Doctor Dento mobile application helps dentists manage their patients and clinic. It helps dentists keep a database of their patient records. These include patient's information, upcoming appointments and past appointment history. This application sends notifications, appointments reminder SMS's directly to the patient's mobiles.

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Are you absolutely at your wits end in trying to import data from different systems into your Dynamic CRM? Do you have an excel sheet with lot of records but nowhere to import because somebody has misspelled an Account name on the ERP system.

Imagine a scenario where you want to import an entity or a list of contracts, but somebody has misspelled the parent account name on the accounting software. If you had 100-220 records, then one of your poor employees will have to fix it by going intoevery related record and manually matching the name.

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