GFI Max Remote Monitoring Software To Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

Executive Summary

XYZ is a company in United Kingdom. It maintains computer systems for its clients who are spread all over the UK. For doing so, they currently use the GFI Max Remote Monitoring software. This is a Third Party Software that has the ability to send information about machines back to its server. Then, GFI provides its registered user a dashboard on its website, thus they can see what is happening currently with the registered systems.

In addition to the above, there are a number of features available for Windows Advanced Monitoring Agent which includes Take Control, Patch Management, Managed Antivirus, Managed Online Backup, the Windows System Tray Application, Remote Background Management and Web Protection. 

XYZ had to manage two different systems for this work. One was the dashboard provided by GFI, and the other was the CRM which was used to track customers, log complaints, store contracts, and raise bills for the services provided by XYZ. Now the problem was that the CRM system had no idea about the systems that got added onto the GFI Dashboard or the checks which itclears/fails. Hence, it was the duty of a human operator to synchronize these two pieces of information every day. 

Sometimes when clients opted out of the contract, either the GFI or CRM was left in an old, outdated state. This is in turn, resulted in faulty accounting. Bills were raised for clients who had opted out, or sometimes bills were not raised at all because the CRM did not have the latest updated information.

As their business and clients grew, it became impossible for operators to update them daily or hourly, to check health records of each system on the GFI Dashboard, and to find the particular record on the CRM system and update it. 

XYZ Company wanted a solution such that every day without any human intervention the data from GFI Dashboard is automatically updated in the companies records in CRM system. Thus, for every new user added a new contact is created on the CRM, for each workstation or server a new record for custom entities known as workstation or server is added to the CRM.

The most important part of all was the daily or hourly health checkup functionality provided by GFI, it was of great importance that the CRM system knows about these and is updated daily or on the request of the operator at any given time in the day. 

Problems faced by XYZ Company

The main issues faced by the company was the synchronization of updated contacts, workstations, and servers on their CRM, and the updating of health information for each and every system. Due to the sheer volume of their business, it was impossible to do this manually. They needed a way to do it every day on a schedule and on demand when the operator needs it.

XYZ Company wanted the following solutions:

A tool that can connect to the CRM 2013 and GFI Max Website.

It should have the ability to pull information from the GFI website using the API.

It should be able to understand the XML response sent by the GFI and map this information onto the CRM system correctly.

If some new device or new contact is found on the GFI dashboard, it should be immediately created on the CRM system, and the information should be complete.

The tool should then download all the data on the checks for each and every system on the CRM and GFI and update the information back to the CRM

A system admin or technical team member should have the ability to monitor the systems health based on the GFI Max Remote Monitoring software data. It can do so by looking at records in the CRM instead of opening another website.

Our Solution-(What we did using CRM and GFI API)

XRM Labs created a customized window based software called the GFI CRM Synchronization Tool. It provides the following functionalities: 

It maintains an updated list of contacts on the CRM based on the list of clients XYZ registers on the GFI Remote Monitoring Dashboard. 

The Tool synchronizes information about the various offices or each client. The client may have more than one office located at different locations. 

The Tool can add or update workstation computers and server computers on the CRM system, if added to a client’s office. 

The Tool is located on a server, needs no installation, and can be run by just copying the file to any location. 

The Tool works both for MS Dynamics CRM 2011 and 2013. 

The Tool runs like a task scheduler during non-working hours, so everything is done in a silent and seamless manner without any human intervention.

Technologies Used

Microsoft Dynamic CRM 2011/2013

Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5

Windows Console Application

GFI Max API for Remote Monitoring System

Client Benefits-their improved statistics (Facts)

With GFI CRM Synchronization tool implementation, the client was able to cut down the time taken to provide its technical team with its updated customer information. It was able to reduce the cases of wrong, erroneous data and missed data by more than 90%. Thus, helping the company to improve its customer satisfaction and hence get more new business in an efficient manner..

Now, XYZ does not need to put extra time or effort to maintain information from a third party site to its CRM. Everything is done in a silent manner and seamlessly by a computer. 

Why XRM Labs?

XRM Labs pulls out of this no-win situation by providing the services like Innovation Consulting, Efficient Data Mining, Migration and Support, Integration, Custom implementation, Reporting. Besides the services that we provide, there are several other advantages of engaging with us described as follows-

Engagement Flexibility, Timeliness, Complete product/project life cycle outsourcing, Cost Effective,

World class experts, Quality Delivery

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