Cleaner Service Assurance Mobile App for Android and iOS  

Executive Summary

Our client XYZ is from USA who provides extraordinary, professional, and reliable commercial cleaning and facility maintenance services. XYZ has established itself as the ideal commercial cleaning and facility maintenance solution for more than 35,000 locations like commercial office, health care, banking, and industrial facilities. They do this every day and at every location through a national network of first-class, certified cleaners, insured subcontractor and franchised cleaning operators. 

Problems faced by XYZ Company

The client sends their cleaner to the cleaning location mostly on weekends or when the cleaning location is closed or off working hours. So, the cleaner can easily do his job. Earlier our client used an IVR calling Automated system integrated with their existing MS CRM. The cleaner needs to call this IVR system as he reaches the cleaning location. Then system asked few simple question and the answers need to be entered by pressing “Yes” as 1 and “No” as 0.  For example, the system asks questions like “Are you at the ABC office to do the cleaning Job.” If “Yes” press 1 and if “No” press 0. Did you complete your cleaning job at the location? If “Yes” press 1 and if “No” press 0. Etc.

One of the major issues faced by our client XYZ was obtaining the current location of the cleaner. As it was not known by the IVR System and a cleaner who may be at his home or some other place could confirm from the IVR system that he is at the location and has done his Job. Regarding the cleaning sometimes it was found that the work was not done, cleaner never visited the cleaning location yet it was confirmed through IVR system. 

When XYZ used to raise the bill to their customer for the cleaning service provided by their cleaners, their customers used to revert back to them saying that nothing has been done. This situation used to put our XYZ Client in a bad light in front of their customers. 

Our Solution provided through a Mobile App to both Apple & Android users.

Our client wanted a solution for the above scenario, so XRM Labs architected, designed and developed a mobile app using Xamarin cross-platform development software, Azure and linking of CRM with mobile App to fully automate the visit process at cleaning site and to meet the top most crucial requirement of the client to obtain the current location of the cleaner as he uses the app at the cleaning site.
Our requirements team collected the detailed requirement and showed them as a storyboard using PowerPoint which was shared with the Customer. Following are the features and functionality of the App we provided to the XYZ client after understanding their complete set of requirements.

1. An employee from XYZ company puts bar code stickers at their customer’s cleaning locations where cleaning needs to be done. So, when cleaner arrives to the cleaning location he can scan it. 
2. The same bar code is also mentioned into the MS CRM under this same account. So, on scanning the bar code, if the bar code matches, it provides the account location address to the mobile screen. Otherwise it flashes the message- no such account found. 
3. Under each account in MS CRM, we have added a new field which hold the latitude and longitude of the account geo location. So later it can be matched with the geo location of the cleaner to verify if he was present at this location or not.
4. After login into the app, the cleaner has two options to select from, after scanning the bar code at cleaning location or he can click- unable to access the location. 
5. If the cleaner clicks unable to access option because of any reason, then the app gives the option to select from accounts assigned to him from a dropdown and enter the reason why he cannot access the location and submit the details. At this time also, app push the geo location of the cleaner into the MS CRM system to verify the cleaner location. 
6. If the cleaner goes with the scanning option then on scanning the bar code placed on the cleaning location through app it fetches the cleaning location address to the app screen from the MS CRM account entity. 
7. Once the address is scanned the cleaner now needs to Check-In. This implies that he is going to enter the cleaning site and start his cleaning work.
8. At the same time when cleaner clicks Check-In, the app pushes the current geo location of the cleaner to verify his location.
9. After cleaning is completed he adds any comments if he has to and click check -out button. Now too, the app pushes the geo location into the MS CRM.
10. Later the data is reviewed by a MS CRM report which tells what the locations in which cleaning is done and the one which are missed.
11. Each row has a view location link. If the link is in green color then the Geo location of the cleaner is matched with the Geo location of the cleaning site entered in the MS CRM account. If not matched, then the link is in red color. This way managers get to know that the cleaner has made a false entry and he is held responsible for the false information.
12. By this approach the employees at XYZ get information of the cleaning site before hand prior to contacting with their clients.  

Technologies Used

Xamarin cross-platform development software 
Google map API

Client Benefits-their improved statistics (Facts and Figures)

Better Customer Satisfaction.
Improved access to the information.
100% accurate information provided by the app.
False entry highlighted easily by the help of geo location feature and the cleaner can be caught if he is providing false information. 

With XRM (Mobile App) we provided a fully automated app with scanning of the location feature along with capturing the geo location of cleaner. The app UI is kept as simple as possible for the cleaners so for the app users who have very limited knowledge of mobile can also easily use it.

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