Engagement Models

Outsourcing is a wonderful business that results in a strong and cooperative partnership among enterprises. We value this partnership, so we keep in consideration the demands of our worldwide clients. Hence, we have prepared various flexible engagement models to facilitate the workflow and flourish our client's business affairs. We provide both onsite and offshore engagement models depending on the diverse specifications of our client.

Need for Engagement Model:

Every enterprise has its own business strategy but to ensure positive returns in terms of cash flows, they need to devise their plans meticulously. On account of excessive competition among business enterprises, various businesses are outsourcing with an organization that can provide them with innovative world class initiatives. We are one of those organizations, and we always provide you with an appropriate Engagement Model tailored to your requirements.

Our Engagement Model Strategy:

We have a clear-cut methodology when it comes to examining engagement models. With a detailed estimate of our capabilities, we manage to reach a level of proficiency that achieves productivity in the shortest possible time. The first step consists of sharing of documents and discussions with onsite project managers. With the help of client specifications in the documents, our team becomes aware of their prerequisites. The process also involves a thorough conversation between our nearshore team and vendors to prevent future risks.

Types of Engagement Models:

We follow two prominent engagement models: the Time and Materials Model and Fixed Price/Fixed Scope Model. You can choose between the two models or both of them for different phases of your project development.

Time and Materials Model: 

In this type of model, the project cost depends on the total execution time and the corresponding resources deployed. This model is useful when projects are quite complex and given multiple specification and design changes at various steps. 

This model is suitable for customers who need immediate access to resources when requirement specifications are not clear. Adopting such a model gives customers greater flexibility in terms of project specification, and it helps in modifying specifications per the market requirements.

Fixed Price/Fixed Scope Model: 

Time and money are important factors when you try to deliver projects before the deadline. This model aims to provide the total cost and timeline before the project begins. This is ideal when you have a well defined scope, schedule, and requirement specification for the project. This model is cost effective and accounts for lower risk in the development process. It also guarantees on time and on budget project delivery.


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