Open Case Follow-Up Mobile App for Android and iOS 


Executive Summary

ABC is a leading IT company situated in UK, it provides technical support and services like moving to cloud, backup/Storage, office 365, hosting, Azure etc. ABC is a preferred supplier in the region for the procurement of IT hardware, it helps its clients to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues. 
Problems faced by ABC Company

ABC provides support to many of their clients. For this, ABC uses MS CRM Case entity. Whenever a case is generated, a service engineer is assigned to a case and he needs to visit the client location by carrying a Job Sheet with him. It holds all the information related to the registered case. After completing the Job, an engineer needs to fill the Job Sheet manually and take the signature of the customer on the Job sheet. And later another guy does the entry into the CRM system.
This was a time taking process as later again the same entry from the job sheet was required to be done by another guy into CRM. The client wanted a solution to automate this whole process to save time and rework.

Our Solution provided through a Mobile App to both Apple & Android users

Our client wanted a solution for the above scenario, so we suggested them to go for a Mobile App.  We architected, designed and developed a mobile app using Xamarin cross-platform development software, Azure and linking of CRM with mobile app to fully automate the visit process at the client location by the service engineer.  
Our requirements gathering team collected the requirement and showed them as a storyboard using PowerPoint which was shared with the Customer. Following are the features and functionality of the App we provided to the ABC client after understanding their complete set of requirements.
As the service engineer goes for a visit to the client site to do his job, he opens the app. As the service engineer logins to this app, all the cases assigned to him are displayed on the app screen, then he selects the required case against which he made the visit to the client. After completing the job, he enters the required details asked by the app, enters the feedback of client and asks the client to put a signature after accepting the services and then the service engineer saves the record. Simultaneously, a mail is sent to ABC accounts department.   
As he saves the record, complete details are pushed to the CRM into the selected case no. against which services were given and the signature is being attached as a note attachment to the case record in CRM. Simultaneously a copy in SharePoint is also created with completed details. 

Technologies Used

Xamarin cross-platform development software

Client Benefits-their improved statistics (Facts and Figures)

Better Customer Satisfaction.
Improved access to the information.
100% accurate information provided by the app.
The primary requirement is achieved by the mobile app as re-entry of job sheet details into the CRM system is not needed anymore. Records are directly updated into the CRM system. 

With this mobile app, we provided a fully automated process. The app UI is kept as simple as possible for the users so they can easily use it.

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