Microsoft ® SharePoint


To remain competitive, your organization must be efficient across the business process spectrum. To do so, you need to make sound decisions based on cost and risk. That way, you will be heavily dependent on your content management, so it needs to be secure, flexible and collaborative. The users of this system must 
have access to a centrally controlled environment, which is fully integrated with your business process and business application. 

Most of the collaboration technologies were developed for different business functions. Thus, we are independent and unaware of the branches of the same business. It was impossible to maintain multiple systems and there was no central control over the users, roles, teams, contents, documents etc. 

Questions to consider

·       Is the company content securely accessible to those with proper clearance levels?

·        Is your system secure enough to stop any data leakage?

·        Is the management and users in control of the content of such a system business compliant? 

·        Does your software provide a flexible form of communication in your enterprise?

·       Is the management feature too cumbersome to use?

·        Is this system using the full capabilities of your resources?

·        Is the new content management system dumping and charging unnecessary features on your organisation?

         which are of no use to you?

·        Does it provide Business Intelligence to make strategic decisions easier?

·        Is it social media aware?

Microsoft ® SharePoint

Most organisations are now seeking to reduce their cost through a more streamlined approach. They want to fully use the Microsoft® SharePoint features to increase flexibility, scalability and efficiency offered by the cloud-based enterprise collaboration solution. SharePoint is a well-managed cloud collaboration environment that removes the need for continuous administration. In turn, it releases costly resources for other tasks required to increase your business profits.

AIIM, or Association for Information and Image Management, claims that 50% of all the corporations uses SharePoint. Microsoft claims that almost every Fortune 500 company uses SharePoint as well. SharePoint is used in a wide variety of fields such as archiving, file sharing, versioning, search, collaboration, Business Intelligence (BI), social media, and Enterprise Content Management(ECM). 

SharePoint Versions

·         SharePoint Online      

It is a cloud based software hosted by Microsoft. The primary benefit is not having to worry about installing, deploying, and maintaining servers. Companies can either buy stand alone licenses or integrated licenses with office 365.

·         SharePoint Server(On-Premise)  

It is the most complete version with all the features, which can be installed in your organization’s server.

Microsoft® has publicly announced that it is investing heavily in its Office 365 cloud collaboration platform, and it will roll out new features on the cloud based platform first. Thus, they have clearly indicated the future course that the company is going to take. One reason why may be due to the central role SharePoint plays in office 365 suite since it can deliver a better integrated user experience.

XRM Labs Advantage

Our cloud services for SharePoint reduces your risks and costs by offering your organisation a common platform with centralized control through SharePoint online. We are able to segregate your business units and provide total interoperability across the board. Our solution will meet all your governance.

Also, we are able to provide SharePoint based secured solutions, which can be used with Dynamics CRM, Navision, company sites, third party tools, and mobile front end.

Benefits to you

·         Corporate Agility

·         Improved team productivity.

·         Integrity of content.

·         Flexible scalability in sync with business environment.

·         Reduced turnover time through SharePoint deployment and auto upgrades.

·         Innovative driven and collaborative environment based on Microsoft® SharePoint.

·         Reduced infrastructure costs to maintain intranet site with SharePoint.

·         Mobile user integration.

·         Cost efficiency through your existing licenses with Microsoft®.

·         Experienced developers available to you at no extra cost.

Next Step

Contact one of our representatives today to find out how our SharePoint services can improve your profitability, productivity, agility, and efficiency. Our representative will study your requirements and current business process. Then, our team will get back to you with the best method to implement SharePoint into your environment, the cloud services required by your organisation, and the cost associated with it.




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