Data Migration and Support

Need for Data Migration:

Every organization demands their applications to be sold effectively to the widest possible market. In order to pave the way for the same sometimes an organization need to switch its platform i.e. a client working on CRM software like Goldmine, Sage CRM and Salesforce wishes to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and owing to the client requirements XRM Labs performs this data migration.

Any enterprise will demand for such a conversion from old system to new system which is error free being technically tested and approved and delivers the services as per your business requirements before you make a big leap. For such type of service you can count on us as we respect your requirements and are always looking forward to foster your growth strategy. Microsoft Dynamics, highly advanced platform in itself is currently desired by various legacy systems.

Importance of Microsoft Dynamics:

Various systems are migrating to Microsoft Dynamics CRM owing to the following benefits it offers-

  • Improves sales management
  • Boost sales productivity
  • Simplify workflow process
  • Facilitates effective decision making 
  • Automates the existing system 

 XRM Labs Data Migration:

Data Migration system offered by us are very easy to use with very little coding involved. We also provides automatic data migration for our clients thereby exempting a lot of human resources from performing such a tedious job.

Efficient data migration by XRM Labs involves cleansing, transforming, merging, duplication and finally loading of client’s data in Microsoft Dynamics. While migrating from the legacy system we can move company and contact data with merge and duplication, move activities and client’s history along with the attachments, move opportunity data as well as attachments and email. Finally we reassign account ownership to authenticated users in Microsoft CRM.

Support :

Generally clients experience a lot of problem while migrating data from existing CRM software to that of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Our technological experts provides various troubleshooting mechanisms related to this transformation.  Sometimes installation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM seems complicated in the client’s system. XRM Labs provides efficient data migration mechanism for it facilitating a complete migration thereby paving way for a better growth opportunities in the market.

Our clients would be glad to know how effectively our top class of skillful professionals manages to fix problems associated with current Microsoft installations. Keeping in mind that the platform is completely new to the client our troubleshooting experts are always at their service.

We provide the best support services to you by remotely accessing your systems and tracking the concerned technological aspect of the problem.


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