Quality Inspection Mobile App for Android and iOS 

Executive Summary

Our client XYZ is from USA who provides extraordinary, professional, and reliable commercial cleaning and facility maintenance services. XYZ has established itself as the ideal commercial cleaning and facility maintenance solution for more than 35,000 locations like commercial office, health care, banking, and industrial facilities. They do this every day and at every location through a national network of first-class, certified cleaners, insured subcontractor and franchised cleaning operators. 

Problems faced by XYZ Company

The XYZ company sends their certified quality assurance person QC for a quality check at the location where the cleaner has performed the cleaning. The QC person checks the work carried out by the cleaner and gives score against the cleaning done before informing their customers. 
The major issue faced by XYZ is that when their QC person went for the inspection at the cleaning location they need to carry few inspection scoring sheets and give scores according to the level of cleaning being carried out by giving scores from 1 to 5 (1 is poor and 5 is for excellent). QC person also need to click few pictures of the cleaned location as an evidence that the cleaning was done and get them print out and attach with the inspection scoring sheet.  
Later the QC needs to make sure the picture which he took at the different cleaning site is attached with the correct inspection scoring sheet because sometimes the pictures are found mismatched with the other inspection sheet done at different locations to which they were attached.
Then the QC needs to bring back the scoring sheet and another guy makes the entry into the CRM system. All the Inspection records entry made to the MS CRM needs be viewed as different reports by the high-level managers. 
This was a time taking process and the QC needs to carry many scoring sheets along with him and perform scoring. In a single day he needs to visit many sites which were cleaned and then make entry of the inspection he performed into the MS CRM Inspection entity and upload the scanned images. QC also perform few follow up inspections at the same location if it was not found up to the cleaning standards at the first time when inspection was done. The details for the follow up inspection were also required to be entered manually.   

Our Solution provided through a Mobile App to both Apple & Android users.

Our client wanted a solution to speed up the inspection process and eliminate all types of possible errors that occurred during the paper work for inspection process. So, XRM Labs architected, designed and developed a mobile app using Xamarin cross-platform development software, Azure and linking of CRM with mobile App. To fully automate the visit process at the cleaning site by the QC person.

Our requirements team collected the detailed requirement and showed them as a storyboard using PowerPoint which was shared with the Customer. Following are the features and functionality of the App we provided to the XYZ client after understanding their complete set of requirements.

1. When the QC person arrives at the location, he scans the same bar code sticker which was earlier scanned by the cleaner when he cleaned this location. 
2. The same Bar code is also mentioned into the MS CRM under this same account. So, on scanning the bar code it provides the account location address to the mobile screen. The QC can also manually enter the account number if the bar code sticker is not available at the location. 
3. After logging in to the inspection App by QC person, QC has two options to proceed further with, first is Quality Inspection and the second is Follow Up inspection. 
4. If the follow up inspection is being selected, then an already existing MS CRM case record is updated which is basically if a second time of inspection needs to be performed at the same location as it was not found up to the cleaning standards first time around when inspection was done. So, a case record in MS CRM was created. 
5. Then the QC person performs his quality check tasks and updates his comments and selects one option from satisfied or dissatisfied by mentioning other details which is being asked by the app in follow up Inspection type. 
6. If the QC person goes with the Quality Inspection then he can enter the account number manually or scan the bar code. As the account no. is updated or scanned the location address is being showed up on the screen. 
7. The QC person now starts with the scoring for all the area which is cleaned by the cleaner already. Based on his observation he gives score. 
8. QC then takes few photos by launching the camera within the app or can select already taken pictures from the phone storage gallery. 
9. QC then enters other details asked by the app and takes the signature of the customer representative by launching the signature pad from within the app. And submits the Inspection record. Also, a mail is sent to the concerned person.
10. As QC saves the record from the mobile app complete details are pushed to the CRM into the inspection entity along with the geo location of the cleaner and the picture taken and signature is being attached as a note attachment to this record in CRM

Technologies Used

Xamarin cross-platform development software 
Google map API

Client Benefits-their improved statistics (Facts and Figures)

Better Customer Satisfaction.
Improved access to information.
Inspection time reduced. Errors occurring with paper work eliminated.
Follow up cases directly updated into MS CRM.
100% accurate information provided by the app.
No paper work is required and no printout of photos needs to be taken.
No data entry into MS CRM needs to be done. 

With this mobile app, we provided a full automation of the concerned process. The need to perform data entry process from the inspection sheet has been eliminated. Direct attachment of photo taken at the site. Follow up Inspection feature helped the QC guys a lot as the cases assigned to them directly appeared on their mobile phones (app) and the follow up details directly pushed to the case records. The app UI has been kept as simple as possible for the QC users so for the ones who have very limited knowledge of mobile can also easily use it.

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