Website Contact Us to CRM Lead

Executive Summary

ABC company is a large facility management firm. As part of the web advertising strategy, they have a website that lists their innovative services, specialty, human resources, and leadership. The company used a well known content management tool for managing their website. ABC also used MS CRM 2013 Online Edition to effectively manage their sales process.


Challenges Faced by the company

Like most websites, the company had an online "Contact Us" page. Whenever a visitor fills out and submits a Contact Us form on the website, an email is sent to a member of the sales team. The sales rep had to enter the visitor’s details from the email and manually enter it in Microsoft CRM 2013.

This process was complex, and it required a human to track the leads. The business was facing the following problems:  


  • Leads were not always captured in the CRM. This resulted in losing a prospect, and poor reliability to the customers. 
  • Sometimes leads were entered-in late in the CRM system, which also resulted in losing prospects. 
  • The process was complex, time consuming, and error prone. 


 Page on the Website


                Email Contact of the Customer


Lead generated in CRM

Our Solution Provided through CRM

ABC wanted a solution that would integrate their existing website’s "Contact Us" page to automatically create leads in the MS CRM 2013 system. One of the biggest challenges that they faced was the company using a proprietary content management tool to manage their website; as a result, the source code of the website could not be changed. Therefore, the solution that the sales team wanted was a "Web to Lead" functionality that doesn’t change their existing website. We came to the rescue by understanding the challenges of implementing the solution. Hence, we chose to implement the solution using MS CRM 2013 Email Synchronization.

Technology Used


  • Microsoft Dynamic CRM 2013
  • Microsoft .Net and C#
  • Email Router


Client Benefits


  • Improved, effective Lead Management. Eliminated loss of leads. 
  • Timely tracking of new prospects.
  • Better Customer Satisfaction.
  • Improved sales team Productivity.



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