Mobile App to Organize Sports Activities at Sports Venue by Staff Members  

Executive Summary

XYZ is an organization in the UK that provides sports and activity childcare during every school holiday at venues throughout the Midlands and offers you and your child a safe, fun, flexible, and affordable childcare solution. The primary focus of this organization is to provide childcare to their parents in a much more active way where children can get involved in physical activities like cricket, dance, football, etc. types of activities. So, this organization takes bookings from the parents for their children during school holiday time so the children could spend the holidays much actively than sitting idle at home or just watching Television. 

In addition to the above, several employees, like coaches and staff members in this organization who were involved in managing children when they came to the venue to take part in sports. They required some handy applications to manage the activities among the children. 

Problems faced by XYZ Company

The main issue faced by the XYZ organization was due to the manual process while dropping off the child to the venue they have to carry copies of child’s documents like booking details, any health issue that child is suffering from, emergency contact, etc.., parents have to take care about these things. As the XYZ already used an online booking portal to take online bookings of kids and their details. But it was not sufficient still the staff required to do manual work while dropping off kids by their parents to the venue.

XYZ manages all these things offline on the paper sheet if they want to get information about the child they have to go through that sheet. Coaches required to mark the attendance of children and keep records that when the child came to the venue and when they check out from there. 

Solutions XYZ organization wanted

Our client XYZ wanted a solution to overcome this process effectively and efficiently so all activities related to booking of kids to activities, drop off, and pick up of kids by their parents and a medical emergency can handle robustly. 

Our Solution

Here Xrm Labs suggested XYZ automate this process through a mobile app. We built a mobile app named XYX Staff mobile app to display booking information and child details from MS CRM and change all offline process to online.

Following features were implemented in mobile app to overcome their issues:

1. Staff login is given, after login staff lands to the home page of the app and can see information like Messages, Sign In/Out, Activity Registration, Notes for Today, Incident/Accident and Offline Mode also given in case due to non-availability of the network all the work activities can be stored in mobile app and later when the staff has the network he can simplify sync the data with the MS CRM. 

2. The message section allows the staff member to communicate inside the organization, they can view and send messages to other staff members. 

3. Sign In/Out section allows staff members to authenticate children and keep track of in and out time on that venue. It will ask for a PIN to Sign In/out. 

4. Activity Registration section display information about all registered child against sports activity and timeslot. On selecting any sports activity coaches can see the list of children who are registered into that selected activity and can mark attendance of children and also can see the complete profile of child including personal information, medical information, contact details, and emergency contact. Coaches can also see notes for today if any present against the child. 

5. Notes for today's section allows the staff member to keep any information that parents convey at the time of sign in. 

6. Enabled the member report card information within the Member Portal as a part of the Value Analysis report. 

7. Incident/Accident allows keeping information about any incidents or accidents were happen during sports activity. It captures complete information about that event like, when that happen, did staff members have provided any first aid, what was that first aid, images or document of that event, etc. 

8. It is possible that when coaches are on the ground then there may be an issue with connectivity, so to solve that issue we are storing child information locally on the device so that coaches or staff member can get their medical and contact information even in no connectivity. 

Technologies Used

Xamarin Forms to create App for iOS and Android platform
MS CRM as back end 

Client Benefits-their improved statistics (Facts and Figures)

Staff members of XYZ organization experienced a lot of satisfaction as all their requirement was been catered. 
Staff manual work reduced drastically will collecting children at the venue and returning them to parents when activity was over. 
Staff was able to efficiently manage sports activities with the help of the mobile app. 
Keep track of all ongoing events and able to mark the attendance of children. 
Reduced staff manual paper work time process by 80% 

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