Online Student Attendance WebPortal with Salesforce at Backend  

Executive Summary

ABC is a well-known organization in Pinewood UK which provides professional courses like script/assistance directing, make up hair wigs, FX and Prosthetics, costume, animation etc. to their students so they can be employed in screen industry and do make ups of films actors. Since 2012 ABC have trained thousands of crew members who work on major International blockbuster films and high-end TV productions made in the UK. 

Problems faced by XYZ Company

The issue faced by ABC was to manage the student’s attendance as there was no system for this although ABC was using Salesforce to enroll students to the courses and capture their fees paid but there was no system to capture the attendance of students.

As there are multiple courses running daily in multiple class rooms and strength of students is in hundreds and there was no attendance system where student can punch in and get going for his class. Also, at the end of the month there was no report showing students attendance records against each course.  

This was the big issue for the ABC organization, and they wanted a fast, durable and easy solution for it. 

Solutions ABC organization wanted

ABC organization wanted a solution through which they can record the attendance of all students in their respective courses in which they were enrolled. ABC organization was already using salesforce CRM in which they already had students and courses entry, the thing which was missing was the attendance part “Time-In and Time-Out” of students. They wanted to use the salesforce CRM to hold the attendance records too as the system already had the courses and student relationships in it.

Our Solution

Here XRM Labs suggested ABC an online “Student Attendance” portal which will be capable of “Signing In” and “Signing Out” of the students. We provided a solution as online web portal with a simple UI so the students can be comfortable in using it. This online “Student Attendance” portal will be integrated to the Salesforce CRM. Student will be interacting with the front end “Student Attendance” portal and the attendance will be stored in Salesforce CRM.

Following are the features given to client in the online “Student Attendance” portal.

1. Admin/Staff login into Student Attendance portal though a tablet and it is left at the reception for students to mark their attendance. 
2. Student come to reception and initiate their login process through the Student Attendance website. 
3. Student type their email in search bar and click search button the system displays one or more courses the student is enrolled in. 
4. In case if any entered email is associated by two or more student the system asks the student to enter his last name and click search button, registered course appears to select for marking attendance. 
5. If no course is found after searching with last name, then system displays following message to the course member:“Please speak to the reception” with a “Ok” to be clicked by student. 
6. Student selects the course in which he wants to mark his/her attendance. 
7. On selecting of the course, a login button and a cancel button is visible to student. He clicks the login button to mark his attendance. 
8. This same process is followed by each Course Member for login and logout. 
9. At the end of the day admin logs out from the Student attendance system. While logging out the system will again ask password of admin for security purpose. The purpose of this functionality is to ensure only admin has the right to log off from system and no student can do so. 

Technologies Used

ASP .Net (MVC) 
Salesforce CRM 
HTML, Bootstrap

Client Benefits-their improved statistics (Facts and Figures)

Better Customer Satisfaction.
Client has now all details of attendance of each and every student.
Increased the visibility of management into the attendance part.
Attendance reporting helped the management to understand the situation in a better way. 

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