Chase Paymentech Integration into Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 for a US client

Executive Summary

XYZ is a USA based soldier federation organization which provides fundraising & awareness towards their services. They basically provides memberships for the services they offer.

For maintaining financial transactions, XYZ Company uses Chase PaymenTech (https://www.chasepaymentech.com/) which is an online payment gateway. They also use MS Dynamics CRM. Their customers can do transaction by various methods using credit cards (i.e. Onetime Payment, Recurring Payment, Deferred Payments). They want CRM integration with Chase PaymenTech for all type of transactions. They do not want to access Chase PaymenTech gateway for transaction details. Transaction should be created from CRM and their data synchronized with Chase PaymenTech accordingly. Company was facing challenges in integrating Chase PaymenTech gateway for various payment methods.

Problems faced by XYZ Company

The main problem faced by the company was lack of integration with Chase PaymenTech for different payment methods and to manage all transactions through CRM system only.

XYZ needed the following solutions

·         Generation of all type of transactions using CRM into Chase PaymenTech.

·         An integration was required for onetime payment, recurring payment and deferred payment.

Our Solution- (What we did using MS Dynamics CRM and Chase PaymenTech Web Service)

XRM Labs created integration between MS Dynamics CRM and Chase PaymenTech. It provides the following functionalities:

·         It maintains synchronization of payments in both MS Dynamic CRM and Chase PaymenTech.

·         If any update/changes are done in MS Dynamic CRM then it is synced back to Chase PaymenTech.

·         Easier to manage payments and transactions in both MS Dynamic CRM and Chase PaymenTech.

·         Provide facility not to store confidential data related to Credit Card into MS Dynamic CRM.

Technologies Used

·         Microsoft Dynamic CRM 2011

·         Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0

·         XRM CRM Implementation

·         Chase PaymenTech SDK and Web Service

Client Benefits-their improved statistics (Facts)

With integration of MS Dynamic CRM and Chase PaymenTech, the client improved their accessibility of Chase PaymenTech by using MS Dynamic CRM. Security enhancement such as MS Dynamic CRM not storing any confidential data related to customer’s Credit Cards. Confidential data is being taken care by Chase PaymenTech gateway.


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