Microsoft dynamic CRM


Owing to excessive global competition every enterprise needs a better reporting service and the need for reporting grows with expansion of the business.


They expect an affordable project in terms of size and cost with faster implementation mechanism. With Microsoft around, this has become possible. Our with exceptionally innovative experts in this field using high tech reporting tools like Report Writer, Crystal Reports and SQL Server Database tools are able to create impressive reports in a stipulated time.

SQL Server 2008 Reporting

As we work on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we use Microsoft owned reporting tools using SQL 2008 Reporting Services and Report Builder 2.0.

New and user friendly reports like chart types, gauge types and efficient matrix reports have been introduced by SQL server to provide our clients with exceptional reporting services. Here are some of the SQL Server tools we use:

  • Report Designer- Used to design and deploy reports to native mode or SharePoint server. It contains a report data pane to organize data with query designers to specify the data sources. Also, it supports custom report items and query designers.
  • Report Builder- With an MS office like environment, Report Builder creates maps and contains query designers who decide which data to retrieve from a selected group of built in data sources. Also, it has the ability to save report items as report parts.
  • Report Content Management Tools- To provide our clients with excellent CMS, we work with report server web service URL, report manager and RS utility.

XRM Labs Reporting Services Benefits

  • 1. Consistency- Various firms usually complain about diversity in report formats i.e. Word doc, PDF, web based and Excel charts. We provide consistent reports and deliver quality reporting services in a well-defined layout
  • 2. Timely report generation- We respect our client's immediate requirements and deliver efficient, real time reports without any delay.
  • 3. Accurate reporting- The reports generated by our experts are very accurate. They plan in advance and design your reporting system by gathering and analyzing detailed information.
  • 4. Cost effective- Due to our centralized and productive reporting system, we provide cost effective reporting services to our clients.
  • 5. Automated report generation- In order to provide timely reporting services to our clients, we rely on various applications that generate reports automatically.

If excellence is your primary concern, then you need to make this a significant part of your business. With us by your side, you will be able to accomplish this goal as we grow into an unparalleled brand name.

Our philosophy is anchored in a deep-rooted foundation that believes in offering the best comprehensive Information Technology Services, Business Processes, and Technology Solutions to all our customers.

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