Project Management is one of the tedious tasks in an organization. According to the statistics 70 percent of projects usually fail and one of the main factors contributing to the failure is inefficient and poor communication between the analyst and the clients or project manager and the team. Therefore, in order to pave way for successful project completion a good communication is required.

Keeping in mind the complexity involved in communication process and urge to complete the project before the deadline, our team at XRM Labs facilitate effective communication among the team as well as analyst and the stakeholder as well as the project manager and the team. Our expert team consist of innovative project managers leading a group of people or teams, sharing a vision with them, taking initiative for various project activities by communicating with the team and also with the stakeholders. It is the duty of Project Manager to maintain internal as well as external channels of communication.

Effective communication is required in every phase of project life cycle starting from requirements specification of the client to planning and analysis phase as well as implementation phase.

Our project managers be in the touch with real challenges of the project understanding real issues within the team as well as taking the client issues with keen deliberation.

Project managers need to create a communication plan for the successful project deployment. The core functions of communication plan are stated below -      

  • Receiving the correct data from various clients at correct instant of time. 
  • Dispersing the information to appropriate clients.

XRM Labs undertake following steps to devise an effective communication plan -       

  • Devise a communication plan including proper allocation of tasks to a team member for a span of given time frame. 
  • Define a strategy that includes meetings, emails and web communications and multimedia comprising of presentation, demonstration and training session.
  • Formulate a well defined communication chart to establish and understand who needs what, when and how, such that the demands pertain to various stakeholders.
  • Establish support and feedback.

We use Project Management Tools to provide interaction between offshore and onsite teams. This project management tool integrates various stakeholders, clients, project managers and team members with proper authenticated security levels to check the status of the project by communicating with each other effectively without interfering with personal data. The tool acts a centralized knowledge base for project design including plans, status reports and data dictionary associated with the project.


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