Our approach

Project Management

Earlier Project Management was imperative only in some industries like construction, defense and aerospace. However, today it boasts of a broad spectrum and covers all kinds of industries, whether small scale, medium scale or large scale, where it is designed to meet the needs of a specific industry.


An efficient project management system enhances productivity, removes errors and facilitates in effective completion of the projects at a much faster rate. From the broad perspective, it aims to improve the overall performance of a company or business organisation at large.

This is what we truly believe in.

Our growing customer base confirms to our successful approach in offering services that continue to excel. And the major credit indisputably goes to our project management system. Our main focus lies on those project management technologies with fitted set of on-line tools, some developed in-house that prove extremely beneficial in the long run. We employ skilled people, adept and aware with evolving methodology and technology.

We at XRM Labs are firm believers of a discipline that effectively merges technical, human skills and tools to match the growing demands in the global arena.

The successful completion of a project largely depends on the extent and compliance of the project management processes. The processes that are adaptable and are in sync with client needs prove be of immense value. That is why, we follow the methodologies that confirm to the requirement of particular projects. In order to meet the varied demands and in software development process approach, we make use of both traditional waterfall development and agile software development.

Application of Traditional Waterfall Model

The waterfall model is applicable in projects where a complete detailed analysis is possible. The application and requirements are defined in a systematic manner from the very beginning. Not only should they be well defined but also remain consistent throughout without going through any kind of major changes. Our contract type for a project in this approach remains a fixed price one.

Application of Agile Software Development (SCRUM, XP, TDD)

This approach holds utmost value for projects that suffer constant changes and keep on evolving. Also, where customer needs working code in the beginning. Material, NDC and time contracts finds suitability under this outsourced agile approach.

Our project management approach makes effective use of the knowledge, existing skills and techniques for the successful execution of all projects. Our approach of tying project results with business goals keeps us in a win-win situation.

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