Online Sharing/Integration of Official Documents from SharePoint to Website

ABC is one of the reputed companies situated in New Zealand which provides water tanks, water pumps and waste water treatment systems to its clients. It has implemented numerous heating projects throughout the country and is one of New Zealand’s leading experts in providing central heating and underfloor heating systems. It uses SharePoint for storing their official documents. At many occasions ABC had to send word/pdf documents to the client for review and approval. ABC earlier used to send the document location (URL) copied from SharePoint in email to the client's mailbox or send the document itself as an attachment in the mail.

Problem faced by ABC company:

1. If ABC had to send 6 documents to the same client then they sent 6 different mails with the URL, each describing a particular Share-point location of that document. This caused confusion for both the customer and ABC. ABC wanted to use one URL for sharing the contents with their clients.

2. Generally this lead to confusion for ABC employees that which documents did he/she shared whether he/she had send the correct link to the client or after a few weeks it was difficult to realize which documents were shared with the client and which not.

It was confusing for him/her to keep a track when it comes to handle over hundreds of clients separately.

3. The approach of sharing document or sending them over emails caused multiple copies to be created at client side. The ABC Company wanted the document to be only viewable and not to be saved by the client. 

ABC also wanted that after certain period of time the document should not be available for the client company.

What Solution they tried before contacting us:

ABC employee tried to solve their problems by organizing the details of shared document in MS Excel sheets by client name wise with the folder location and name.  But with the growing number of clients and emails to be sent through, it became difficult to share the correct documents with the right clients.

Our Solution-what we have done:

XRM Labs helped them by setting up an App (i.e. Online Sharing/Integration of Documents from SharePoint to Website by adding a fully functional webpage integrated in their own company website) for catering their needs. It provided the following functionalities:

1.   Created an App, added it into SharePoint.

2.  Customize the SharePoint ribbon, to add a button by name ‘Get External URL’.

3.  The folder and its contents which ABC company wants to share with its client on their website. ABC simply selects that folder and click on the button ‘Get External URL’, this launched a new page with an external URL.  After saving the record this single URL can be sent to the client in email.

4.  This link will contain all the contents (documents whether in word, excel, PowerPoint and pdf) of the folder.

5.  When ABC’s customer will click on the URL from his/her email then our app will integrate the folder details to the company website’s webpage showing all the contents of the folder in a list on right hand side and as the user clicks on a particular document, the preview of the document is visible on the left hand side pane, the client can see all the documents one by one by clicking on them. 

6.  To download a pdf version the client will have to click a button is given to download only pdf’s if any pdf file is present in the folder shared.


Technology Used:

1. SharePoint Online

2. DotNetNuke (website) Microsoft .NET Framework.  

Client Benefits –Improved Management And Statistics (Facts and Figures):

With XRM App (Online Sharing/Integration of Official Documents from SharePoint to Website) integration of the App to the client website improved its customer satisfaction as well as staff utilization and co-ordination.



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