Managing References and Demo in Microsoft CRM 2013

Executive Summary

One of our clients XYZ, an IT company from Canada, is in the business of sale of diverse and innovative ERP products. Their clients range from small to large-sized organizations across a wide range of industries–from single-user environments to hundreds of users in multiple locations.

Problems faced by XYZ Company

Our client XYZ, is an IT company providing product and services in ERP domain. The client is already using Dynamics CRM 2015 which already has an inbuilt Marketing module. However, the out of the box Marketing module was not able to provide all the features and functionality as per the client's requirement. The client was trying to store references and demo information against the prospects.

For example, the client wanted to store

1) Customer references for their product and services. They wanted to categorize the References based on the product that they offer or the services they have provided. They also wanted to store when this reference record was created so that they can know the date till when the reference can be used. They also wanted to track leads to whom this reference was given and was converted into a sale. This would allow them to know good reference over average references or bad references.

This reference can be Sales reference, or reference to Case Study, or Webinar, or even Testimonial. The reference might be for a speech that referenced client might deliver at one of the event for showing the benefit of using the XYZ client's product or services.

2) The client was also keen to track their leads to whom ‘Demo’ has been given related to their product or services. The date when this demo was given along with the product that he might have shown interest. They also wanted to track that how many prospects return for further inquire or demand a reference. 

Our Solution Provided by Creating Two New Entities in CRM

As a solution to the above problem XRM Labs helped them to customize MS CRM 2015 to allow them to fulfill their requirement. The customization included creation of new entities creation of relationship, creation of business flow, creation of business rule and adding new plugins.

With the help of these new entities we were able to provide all the features and functionality that the client was looking for i.e. storing of customer references for their product and services and second to track their leads to whom ‘Demo’ has been given related to their ‘Product’ or services.

In reference form, we can see from the screen shot below that reference leads and opportunity are being stored against a contact or account. And another Demo form in which we are storing the information regarding the demo and its description given to which end customer with other important details like date, place, etc


Technologies Used

  • Dynamics CRM 2015 Online
  • JavaScript 

Client Benefits-their improved statistics (Facts and Figures)

  • Better Customer Satisfaction.
  • Improved access to the information and Data.

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