Custom Implementation

We provide custom integration between the Microsoft CRM and your existing system to ensure it is transparent and effectively implemented. 

Keeping in the mind of the the client requirements, our experts and architects designed a system that is automated and flexible to serve the needs of our client. Our system allows for improved decision making and simplified work flow, so our client’s business perspectives can thrive. 

We ensure that the CRM is implemented across all business units as it brings together the employees, suppliers, customers,and partners. Regardless of the kind of implementation, we are flexible enough to convert the existing system to meet our client’s specific requirements.

XRM Labs Implementation Process

In order to implement Microsoft Dynamics into your business workflow, we undergo the following phases:

  • System analysis 

  • Detail design 

  • Development 

  • Deployment 

  • Operation

XRM Labs Implementation Methodologies

Our diverse set of clients and their unique requirements compels us to implement different strategies, so we take the following approach:

1. Standard implementation- This approach implements Microsoft dynamics at a single site with little complications. 

2. Enterprise implementation- This type of implementation is mostly performed when Microsoft Dynamics is applied to multi-site organizations. 

3. Agile implementation- An iterative process giving customers control over the final solution from one cycle to the next and is used when Microsoft Dynamics is applied on a single site.

The innovative collaboration between our Business Analysts and Solutions Architects results in a vigorous development of custom implementation plans for various sectors of the client’s business.

1. CRM Workflow Configuration and Development- After devising an intelligent plan, our business analysts configure an efficient workflow that meets the client’s requirements, thanks to their efficient use of technological tools and software.

2. CRM Customization- While merging Microsoft CRM with an existing system, we develop various custom workflow activities which accounts for CRM customization. Many of our worldwide clients who rely on our customization experts benefit from customized dashboards and modified reports. 

3. Development of Custom Microsoft Outlook plug-ins- With our fast and reliable development service, we provide our clients with various plugins for Microsoft Outlook. Depending on the usage and functionality, the plugins tend to meet our client's requirements. We are able to work with Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010.







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