DNN Upgrade

Each new version of DNN platform brings new features, new enhancement, bug fixes as well as many security related patches. We always recommend our clients that they should upgrade their website to the latest version. Upgrading to the latest version has its own challenges involved, sometime this process is too complicated and painful. Our experienced DNN Engineers can make your upgrade experience feel like a breeze.

DNN Support

Years of experience with working on DNN installations, upgrades, and various DNN versions, has trained us to be ace trouble shooters. XRM Labs DNN team can help you with your question, confusions and problems. With our 360 degree experience with Microsoft products we can provide you with the best solution, tailor made for your company.

Mobile Optimization of website

XRM Labs can optimize your DNN website for Mobile devices. We can offer you a Mobile UI which provides seamless user experience among all kind of devices not limited to smartphones, laptops and tablets. Having a mobile friendly site helps your DNN website to penetrate into new markets.

Skin/Web Design

Don’t worry about getting unique and tailored design for your website, after getting the general idea of what you want, we will do the design work exactly according to your requirement.

Our creative designer can deliver extraordinary and wonderful designs and you can ask your in-house skin developers to change over the outline to DNN skin or different formats.

We also have talented designers to provide successful and profitable web design solutions. We have worked on the leading edge 100% crafted web development practices. HTML 5 with CSS 3, grid systems, page load optimization, script minimizing and bootstrap frameworks.

Custom Modules

We have a team of expert people who can develop any module for you. Contact us with your requirement and we will get back to you shortly. On creating your website, you must be facing difficulty in existing module to achieve functions, and need a new module, we’re always here to assist you with custom modules.

 Scheduler and Provider Development 

Tired of performing repetitive task yourself? You hate it when you forget it? Then DNN scheduler is best fit for you. DNN Scheduler can perform any operation after a fixed duration (example after few minutes, days, weeks) the best thing is that DNN never forgets. DNN scheduler can be used to sending out emails to staff or members, perform automated backups, perform automated synchronization of data and much more. DNN scheduler allow you to extract more out of your DNN implementation.

DNN Custom Development

We have direct work-on experience to allow to create  top quality modules. We are pleased to share that experience with selected clients needing DotNetNuke consulting. You need to determine the best technique to implement DNN to set your goals, your workflow and your work environment.

We are specialized in DNN extensions development, we also provide a dedicated and cost effective development team of senior level developer with proven DNN expertise and best of class solutions. Our pricing vary to your project’s size, complexity, viability and availability.

Azure hosting and partner hosting in Australia, UK and other countries

Azure helps running different application hosting modules, as each one of them provides a different usual of services. Azure provides you an open, flexible, secure and scalable platform that enables you to create, organize, protect and manage client workloads.

Custom integration with third parties

SharePoint:  Using SharePoint, which is built with the cloud for extreme storage and accessibility, team members can share and work together on a seemingly unlimited amount of records and data.

Dynamics CRM:   This is a generally used Open source framework available to create websites without requiring much technical knowledge.

Xero: Xero is accounting software designed for small businesses and their advisers. You can see your cash-flow in real-time with online accounting invoicing, billing & banking. It simplifies our finances,thus making a usually complicated process easy.

Payment card: Enable your DNN portal with online bill payment and integrated with your payment card and e Check processing. Our custom Payment Registration module is integrated with  major payment gateways.

SEO & Marketing

We have a SEO specialists who know the ins and outs of search marketing. Search engine optimization is one of the best marketing mix technique online. Those who want to make and online appearance and build an image, and then SEO is the best way. Most of the businesses consider their blog to be a crucial asset, maintenance is the key to good results. An SEO expert can be your ultimate guide.

Automated Backup

You simply have a fresh full backup, we would take care of your website backup.We provide up all DotNetNuke backup operations on your server with an every single aspect of your DNN website.Our expert technical team help you to get schedule backup of your website, to prevent from data loss.


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