Perform online Survey For Health Care Organizations

Executive Summary

XYZ is a Not For Profit organization in Saudi Arabia that provides expertise and guidance to Healthcare institutions across the country for improving the quality of services and patient safety. This organization is an official agency authorized to grant accredited certificates to all governmental and private Healthcare facilities operating in Saudi Arabia.  The motive of the organization is to improve Healthcare quality and safety standards for the governmental and private hospital across the Saudi region.

The process involves Healthcare facility to go through a survey of its facility, processes, and performance by surveyors to certify that all is conducted in a manner that meets appropriate standards as per their published national Healthcare standards book by performing a survey through Scoring website hosted locally on each computer which is used to conduct survey by each surveyor. 

After this process is completed successfully this organization represents a public recognition certificate by the Healthcare Accreditation body of satisfactory achievement of Accreditation standards by a Healthcare facility.

Problems faced by XYZ Company

This organization earlier used a web portal to do the survey and other small customized software for other different modules like:

  • All Standards Developments

  • Surveyors Management which involved Surveyors Learning Program (Training Scheduled, Training Material Development, Evaluation Management)

  • Healthcare Facility (Registration, Update Profile, Products & Service Management, Products & Service Purchase)

  • Health Care Facility(HCF) Request for Survey, HCF schedule Survey Process, HCF Payment.

  • Survey Scoring Design & Agenda, Survey Team Formation  Design, Survey Scoring Process.

  • Travel Reservation (Air Ticket Booking, Hotel Reservation, Transportation)

  • Self-Assessment.

All the above modules earlier worked separately and later on all the employees of each department brings their data in excel sheets to a database administrator who then imports the data to the main database and generate different reports for the top-level managers.

The major problem with XYZ organization was that they need to perform the survey at some places where there was no internet connectivity so they required an implementation which would also work well offline. Later on when the surveyor is at a location where internet connection is available he can sink his survey Scoring data with his main database.


Due to not having a Centralized system, following were the issues faced by the organization:

  • Data was not in normalized form so it was difficult to generate fruitful reports.

  • Each surveyor needs to install the web Scoring application to their local host in order to run the application during the survey.

  • All surveyors at the end of their survey need to come to the data administrator to submit their survey data.

  • There was no hierarchy for the survey process as per their assigned role/responsibilities.

  • In middle of the survey process it was not possible to check how much progress has been made, by the senior level managers.

  • It was difficult to tell which surveyors have completed the survey or how much(percentage) survey still pending  to complete.

  • Whether the survey is being completed from the surveyor's side. But until his survey data is not submitted to the admin to get it imported to the main data base. It was not possible to generate the reports. If it would be a Centralized system then easily report can show figures as the data is already entered by the surveyor and then there would be no need for import. 


Our Solution

XYZ wanted a solution that can work offline and also integrate their Scoring web application with a Centralized back-end system. So, we implemented for them an Html web resource with scripting JavaScript 2.0 from Scoring web application and Dynamics CRMas Centralized database for all modules which they currently use.

We provided the following functionalities:

  • Complete Scoring web application and its functionality was implemented using Html web resource with scripting in JavaScript 2.0

  • Dynamics CRM 2015 used as the Centralized system back-end. This CRM is integrated with the Html web resource. All the Scoring and the processes  done on web resource get stored in CRM. CRM is holding all the required modules with their full functionality.

  • Provided offline feature which supports offline Scoring.

  • All forms with required fields under each module created in MS CRM.

  • Scoring web application now supports the user’s hierarchy now each user can log into to the application and do his part of job. And same time other hire managers can check the progress of the survey and different reports.

  • On approval/denial of each steps/process a mail is been sent to the appropriate personals/users.

  • Complete assignments of surveyor, rejection of surveyor, scheduling of surveyors as per availability, ticketing, reservation, purchasing of survey etc. all are completely automated with approval, ordering and invoicing process.  

Technologies Used

  • HTML web resource with scripting JavaScript 2.0
  • MS CRM 2015 on premise 

Client Benefits-their improved statistics (Facts and Figures)

  • Better Customer Satisfaction.

  • Improved Surveyor Scoring process.

  • Now offline survey is possible.

  • Generate report as the Scoring is done. No delay due to import data process.

  • Fast than earlier web application and much for user friendly UI.

  • Hierarchy security feature of user in Scoring app and CRMform. 

  • Complete data is Centralized and present in CRM with normalization of data structure.  





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