Microsoft dynamic CRM


When any enterprise or legacy system converts itself to the new system such as Microsoft Dynamics, sometimes it is observed that data in the client's CRM system is inconsistent with the data in the other systems present in the enterprise.


To ensure such a consistency of data, integration is required because the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics will be achieved effectively only when all the systems used to track various customers of the client are integrated into CRM strategy. XRM Labs, a Microsoft partner with the help of its high level expertise provides such integration.

Need for Integration

Owing to current technology breakthrough and intense competition, the business environment is ever changing and is effected a great deal by the dynamics of the markets leading to the expansion of the enterprise. To account for a progressive growth or expansion the enterprise need to have an upper hand over its counterparts by responding very intelligently to the changes in the market.

The bottom line of the whole situation herein lies in creating innovative business models, developing higher quality leadership and talent and optimizing the functioning of various sectors.

There are often a number of times client have to face various challenges like distant and distinct applications need to share data, there is a demand for collective view of data or various application processes need to inter operate. There is one and only solution to such a nonplussed situation, i.e. Mechanism of Integration. An integrated CRM eliminates the challenges faced by the clients thereby optimizing business productivity.

What XRM Labs provide

XRM Labs have been working on a complex database systems, data warehousing system sand have an expert level insight in the fields of systems engineering provides exceptionally good integration services to the client.

With the help of our customized integration techniques you can integrate your business applications quite well without wasting surplus time in coding.

We work for a large number of Dynamics clients worldwide designing their complicated integration processes within a GUI without writing a line of code. The integration process undertaken by XRM is easy, flexible and can be achieved at relatively lower costs.

Benefits of XRM Integration process

Any organization seeking to improve their business by utilizing innovative integration services will benefit in the following ways:

  • 1.Enhanced productivity
  • 2.Improved customer satisfaction
  • 3.Collaboration of Sales/Marketing documentation
  • 4.Quick linking of documents within CRM
  • 5.Better security and control
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