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How to create a team and add users to it.

By Himanshu on 10/1/2015

In this blog it is explained how to create a team in MS CRM and to add member/user in it. 

MS CRM 2013
How add members in Teams
How to create team in MS CRM
MS CRM 2013
MS CRM 2015

How to import solution to Crm

By Himanshu on 9/4/2015

How to import solution to Crm 

How to Import Solution in CRM
MS CRM 2011
MS CRM 2013
MS CRM 2015

How to create a solution and how to export it.

By Himanshu on 9/3/2015

The process for creating a solution in MS CRM 2013 and how to export it is explained in this blog.

Export solution from crm
MS CRM 2013
MS CRM 2015

How to Create a Custom Dashboard by Using MS CRM 2013

By Anurag on 4/9/2014

It is used for Sales, Service and Marketing. Dashboards in Microsoft Dynamics CRM provide an overview of business data; actionable information that is viewable across the organization.

You can create two types of dashboard:

System Dashboard: A system dashboard is used provide the all users in the organization, and you can be set as the default dashboard for the Organization and you can be changed the default dashboard for the Organization.

User Dashboards: it is used according to user. An individual user owns a user dashboard. You can be assigned to other users or teams. A user dashboard can be set as the default dashboard for individual users.

MS CRM 2013
MS CRM 2013

Change/Update the Address Included Field in CRM 2013 with Business Rules.

By Anurag on 4/3/2014

Recently CRM Up gradation from 2011 to 2013, in CRM 2011 Address fields (Address Street1, Address Street2, Address Street3, ZIP/Postal Code, City, State and Country/Region) some fields is via Lookups (City, State and Country/Region), it is mentioned on the form but, in CRM 2013 default Address composite field combined all the 7-fields;(Address Street1Address Street2Address Street3ZIP/Postal Code, City, State and Country/Region) mentioned on the form but I cannot replace default fields (City, State and Country/Region) with their new Lookups if we use to Business Rule then I can hide default fields (City, State and Country/Region) and also can mention the rest 3 new Lookups under same section.


MS CRM 2013
Business Rules
Change Address
MS CRM 2013

New interesting facts and feature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

By Himanshu on 3/10/2014
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 is launched with lots of new advancements and enhancements that will definitely advances the CRM user experience and will enhances their business procedures. CRM 2013 also improved in different browsers and devices like tablets, mobiles usability.
MS CRM 2013
MS CRM 2013
New Features in CRM 2013

Modifications and enhancements in CRM 2013 'DASHBOARDS'

By Himanshu on 3/9/2014

You’ve most likely observed that the new innovative user interface has managed some changes and enhancements to dashboards. Now, the fundamental segments like Service, Sales and Marketing are having their own dashboards, which are personalized for the necessities of the role. We can take example for salesperson like when he logins the first thing they see is the dash boards having charts highlighting details like detail of their work opportunity and the current status of their sales.

MS CRM 2013
Changes to dashboards
Improvements to dashboards
MS CRM 2013
MS Dynamics crm 2013 dashboards

Using Multiple Business Rules MS CRM 2013

By Anurag on 3/9/2014

This function is used to simple calculations in two fields built in business rule. It is an interesting functionality to be noted in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and this will be a great  feature for a lot of users in our client base that are not too technical. It is used to developer’s help in order to implement very simple business.

MS CRM 2013
Calculation in MS CRM 2013
MS CRM 2013

How to import Leads in MS CRM 2013

By Anurag on 3/5/2014

This feature is used to import data records for any entity.You can use this tool to import data records from one or more comma-separated values (.csv), XML Spreadsheet 2003 (.xml), or text files to import but here I would like to focus mainly include Contacts and Accounts in leads import in Lead Entity. Let's see how data import works in CRM 2013. Let's see how data import works in CRM 2013

MS CRM 2013
Import Leads in MS CRM 2013
MS CRM 2013

Microsoft Dynamic CRM 2013 – An Enhanced Way of Managing Customer Relationships

By Himanshu on 3/5/2014

Generally, Customer Relationship Management refers to an automated system that is used to improve relationships with customers. It is a systematic approach for handling customer relationship. It is an essential part of any business strategy to achieve high level organization goals, enhance customer satisfaction, and attract new potential customers. Almost all large and medium scale organizations are using requirement specific CRM software systems for better and automated interaction with their potential customers. It is a fundamental ingredient of any successful medium or large scale business.

MS CRM 2013
Customer Relationship Management
Managing Customer Relationships
MS CRM 2013
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