Features of OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solutions

Out of the box Scenarious :Get pre-configured processing for SAP documents based on best practices in the industry.

Machine Learning & AI :Get tasks done easily using AI, like Invoice approvals and Machine Learning for easy Workflow.

Pre-configured systems :The most common invoice flow,vis-a-vis country specific rules are optimized and automated.

Automation & Collaboration: Easy automation setups integrated to channelize the right resources to the right people for further action.

Information Accessibility : With the help of native SAP Flori UIs, we enable stakeholders reslve issues faster and effectively.

ECM Integration : Integrate with OpenText Information Management Solutions for SAP.

How we optimize accounts payable

1. Optimize process first


● Rule based exception detection.

● Rule based resolution.

● Pre-defined actions.

2. Eliminate paper & manual steps


● Integrated OCR for paper /PDF invoices.

● Data enrichment and matching.

● Routing to the right user at the right time.

3. Continuous improvement


● Embedded KPI Reporting / Dashboards.

● Global process ownership.

● Fact-based supplier collaboration.

4. Use the digital core for everything


● SAP workflow for collaboration.

● Integrated of multiple SAP backends.

● Optimized user experiences for each role.

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