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How to “Save-as” a Workflow in MS CRM 2016

By Ami Atishay on 9/26/2016

There is no Save-as option available for workflows in MS CRM. So if we need to copy a pre-existing workflow, do we have to write the whole workflow again? Well, not really.

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Placing Reports on Dynamics CRM 2011 Dashboards

By Anurag on 6/23/2016

Dynamics CRM 2011 includes plenty of nice reports out of the box; in fact there are so many of them it can be difficult to sift through them all to find the ones you need. In the web client, you can click Workplace and then Reports for a full listing; the following figure shows just a few of them, including a couple of custom ones my organization uses:

Microsoft Dynamic CRM
MS CRM 2011

How to import solution to Crm

By Himanshu on 9/4/2015

How to import solution to Crm 

How to Import Solution in CRM
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What is CRM?

By xrmlabs webmaster on 8/16/2013

CRM means Customer Relationship Management. Today ‘Customer is the King’, with increasing number of available options for the customer, it is more likely that customer may lose brand loyalty and thus the brand/company loses a customer. Today it is of prime importance that a company should not only find new clients on a continuous basis but also it should maintain its present and older clients. It is most important to maintain a database of customer choices and preferences for research and development, as a source for improving product quality as well as for increasing sales productivity by providing accurate figures to the sales team. Maintaining all this information manually is not possible, the solution is CRM. CRM provides automation to database management of all the required information of customers, prospective clients, leads, contact etc. Not only information but the business processes can also be automated using a CRM System. Microsoft Dynamic CRM can help in automat ...

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How to fix MS CRM 2011 rsProcessingAborted error when executing a custom report?

By xrmlabs webmaster on 7/30/2013

Few days back I was asked to look at a MS CRM 2011 system where Out of Box reports were working fine however custom reports were giving error (rsProcessingAborted). If MS CRM 2011 is installed on a separate server and SQL is on a different server and you are getting the same error then this post can be helpful for you.   You need to follow the steps below/ 1) SSRS connector is missing or not installed. The SSRS Connector needs to be installed on the SQL Server system. The installer for SSRS Connector can be found under MS CRM installation media. Installing the SSRS connector requires MSSQL service to restart. This should solve 90% of the problems as this is one of the most common step that may be missed out in a CRM installation. To see if SSRS connector is already installed or not please go to c:\program files\SSRS Connector  if this folder is already present then SSRS connector is already installed. I will advice you to repair it even if it is installed. 2) ...

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How to write XML dynamically through code at button click and to store in project directory without giving location.

By xrmlabs webmaster on 4/28/2013

Step 1 Develop UI as per requirement like Name, Branch, Address, Pin Code, Mobile No Add namespaces

MS CRM 2011

MS CRM 2011 Retrieving Entity Type Code or ETC

By xrmlabs webmaster on 4/19/2013
If you are looking to get the Entity Type Code or ETC (as it is generally known as) dynamically for any entity name in your web resource in MS CRM, you should use the MetaData service to do so. The MetaData service in MS CRM 2011 will retrieve all the Meta information about an entity. This information includes the display name of the entity, the logical name of the entity and all other information about its relationship status etc. However the information that we are interested in here is the "ObjectTypeCode". 

How to build your MetaData service? For building a MetaData service you can use sample code provided in the CRM SDK itself. (samplecode\js\soapforjscript\soapforjscript\scripts). The name of the file is sdk.metadata.js.
This javascript file has a function by name RetrieveAllEntitiesAsync. This function fetches all the entities with with their MetaData information. On success this function returns you entityMetadataCollection. Now all you need to do is to loop over entities and get the Object Type Code. Please follow the code below to get the Object Type Code or ETC.

function successRetrieveAllEntities(entityMetadataCollection) {
   for (var i = 0; i < entityMetadataCollection.length; i++) {
      var entity = entityMetadataCollection[i];
      var objTypeCode = entity.objectTypeCode;

This is a supported way of getting etc or ObjectTypeCode of an entity. 
Hope this helps. 
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MetaData service
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Auditing: An Out Of Box feature of Microsoft Dynamic CRM 2011

By xrmlabs webmaster on 3/30/2013

Audit History is an Out Of Box functionality of Microsoft CRM 2011 that is used to track the changes in a whole entity or particular fields on entity. For example you can track that who has changed address field of a contact record, what is old & new value of address & when it has been changed etc. You can see these by going to “Audit History” in the left pane of an entity in which auditing is enabled.

MS CRM 2011

Manage Relationship Behavior in Dynamic CRM 2011

By xrmlabs webmaster on 3/26/2013

This blog article is all about relationship behaviour between two MS CRM 2011 entities. We all know that in Dynamic CRM 2011 there are three type of relationship they are 1: N, N: 1 and N: N but little is know about the relationship behaviour that each of these relationship type possesses. There are four relationship behaviour in CRM 2011. The relationship behaviour feature of MS CRM controls the resulting action that will happen if a related entity record is deleted, Assigned, Shared, Unshared, Reparent and Merged. These behaviours can be controlled by going to settings of the relationship. 

MS CRM 2011
Relationship Behavior

Use Fetch Xml for query in Plug-in

By xrmlabs webmaster on 3/26/2013

Fetch XML is a really handy way of retrieving data from CRM. It is easy to construct complex query and really simple to execute. In this blog article I will explain how you can execute fetch XML query in Dynamic CRM 2011 or CRM online. To start you will first need to download a fetch xml from advanced find and then use the RetrieveMultiple method of the CRM Service to execute the Fetch XML.

First go to Advanced d find and select the entity on which you need to make query

Following is the fetchxml retrieve from Advance Find:

String fetchXml = @"'1.0'?>
'false' mapping='logical' output-format='xml-platform' version='1.0'>
          'lastname'/> 'firstname'/>
                                  'contactid'/> 'false' attribute='telephone'/>                                 'and'>
                                     'vdbwc1_vip' value='1' operator='eq'/>

All now that is left is to send a fetch request. This can simply be done by using the following code.

EntityCollection EC = _service.RetrieveMultiple(new FetchExpression(fetchXml));
if (EC != null && EC.Entities != null && EC.Entities.Count >= 1)
     foreach (Entity E in EC.Entities)
         Guid entityId = E.Id;

Above code shows how RetrieveMultiple method is used to retrieve EntityCollection from fetchxml.
Hope this helps. Happy Coding !!

Fetch XML
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