● A single SAP ECC production environment

● Local requirements should not impact Global frameworks

● Local requirements must be fulfilled completely

● SAP provides a way to not impact existing configurations

● Configurations split by

  • 1. Country
  • 2. Company Code
  • 3. Plant
  • 4. Sales Organization
  • 5. Purchase Organization

● A regression Test must be done.

The rollout project usually means upgradation from previous SAP system to a newer version of SAP. A roll-out project takes the main customizing programs done for a company and adopts it to the new company, working only on the small differences between the companies eg. printouts, logos, company code.

Being highly adaptable to various dynamic business scenarios, VIM provides a number of exits to users to customize any business scenario. You get the privilege to customize user screens, workflows 

We’ve noticed that through years of development, up gradation of VIM to fit most of the industry AP requirements has happened but if needed it can easily be customized to fit business needs.

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