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To remain competitive your organisation must be efficient across the business process spectrum. To do so you need to take sound decisions based on a balance between the cost and risk. To do so you will be heavily dependent on your content management in itself needs...

Abhay Choudhary

Dynamics 365 best features

By Abhay Choudhary on 2/7/2017

Dynamics 365 has been released its Microsoft newest and best solution. It’s a cloud based solution that includes both CRM and ERP, as well as business intelligence and integration with productivity tools. It is based on application that you choose based on your needs and budget. Dynamics 365 will bring together the top of our CRM and ERP cloud offering into one cloud service with specific, purpose built, application of key business processes- like Finance, Sales, Customer Service, etc.

Dynamics 365

3 technique of MS CRM can help your sales team increase productivity

By Abhay Choudhary on 11/20/2016

Sales incentive programs and challenge are attempted and true strategies for motivating sale teams, however what happens if just a similar top selling performer are rewarded every wave of rivalry?. CRM’s Fantasy Sales Team can help everyone in your business group score big this fall and keep the entire department involved.

Dynamics CRM
MS CRM 2016

Benefits of using robots.txt file in your website.

By Abhay Choudhary on 11/4/2016

The robots.txt file is not a HTML file it’s a simple text file that is placed in your website’s root directory in order to tell the search engines which pages to index and which to skip. Many webmasters uses the robots.txt file to help the search engines index the content of their websites. All major search engines support the basic functionality it offers. There are some extra rules that are used by a few search engines which can be useful too.


Some helpful tricks of Dynamics CRM 2016 to make your business easy.

By Abhay Choudhary on 10/30/2016

We all realize that having an effective Dynamics CRM system works wonders for client benefits and maintaining streamlined internal business activities, however with the new MS CRM 2016 upgrade you may find up thinking about whether there are any more effective tricks to improve business operations.

Dynamics CRM
MS CRM 2016

Top benefits to integrate your CRM and ERP systems

By Abhay Choudhary on 10/24/2016

ERP and CRM systems are turning out to be increasingly regular in today’s worldwide commercial center. While it may be anything but difficult to discount one framework as more important than the other, understanding the estimation of both frameworks independently and incorporated can work ponders for your association.

Dynamics CRM
MS CRM 2016

Mistakes that should to be avoided in Dynamics CRM Implementation

By Abhay Choudhary on 10/14/2016

Choosing to Implement MS Dynamics CRM in your organization needs a significant investment of both time and money. This implementation can be both costly, and time consuming it ought to come as a remarkable surprise that such a CRM project falls immediately of the bat. The most effective part of Dynamics CRM is its ability to adjust the efforts and exercises of customer facing groups around the customer. If reasoning about the business is sound then a CRM can help your business turn out to be quicker and better, given that you than you should avoid the following mistakes:

Dynamics CRM
MS CRM 2016

Steps to protect your Dynamics CRM from data stealing

By Abhay Choudhary on 10/7/2016

In this blog I would like to share some best steps to protect your customer data by avoiding individuals from copying CRM records to their USB flash drive, or sharing them on the cloud.  It’s so easy for any employee that could export an entire CRM customer database and begin contacting these contacts at their new organization.

Dynamics CRM
MS CRM 2016

Top 5 benefits of using DYNAMICS CRM for your business

By Abhay Choudhary on 9/21/2016

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a quick, adaptable and reliable CRM solution that helps manage client data across various functions such as Marketing, Sales and Service. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an extraordinary alternative for businesses organizations that need a highly configured or customized CRM solution. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is perfect for organizations, small or large, that need straightforward, “out of the box” functionality. Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables better pipeline management, which means you can more accurately predict manufacturing and production requirements.

Dynamics CRM
MS CRM 2016


By Abhay Choudhary on 8/29/2016

Here are some of the new features that has been introduced in MS CRM 2016. This blog post is an introduction to the huge scope of the latest updates and walks you through how to utilize a portion of the key pieces that are accessible at this point.

Dynamics CRM
MS CRM 2016
MS Crm 2016 New Features
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