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How to increase company’s revenue through MS CRM

By Rajesh on 3/10/2014

Microsoft Dynamic CRM provides many important tools to increase Company’s revenue. Microsoft Dynamic CRM provides us tools for the sales department and I would like to discuss the important points through which we can generate our company’s revenue many fold. The three main points I am going to discuss in this blog.

1. Activities- describe the important high value activities for your business and use the CRM to follow them. It depend the type of sales activities like cold calls, lead follow up, presentations, demonstrations, proposals, finishing calls, customer maintenance. All these activities help an organization to follow and measure these lead indicators of success. If you “beat up” sales people for their activities tracked in CRM rather than encouraging, them they will see the CRM as the rival. CRM must be easy to use and an enabler to sales, not a restriction. So define your high value activities, track these in your CRM, examine with dashboards, and schedule training sessions to help your sales people.

2. Smart Data- All the cold call which made by company is not necessary going to convert an opportunity so we must maintain an account for a particular company related to particular product they interested When I cold called I was rarely greeted with “hey, great to see you. Come on in we want to buy what you are selling”. I used the opportunity to collect valuable information about the company so I could build an account penetration strategy for each company I cold called. If you have invested in specific sales tactic such as solution selling, With SMART data you can do your research without even disturbing your desk. SMART data is information about the company and contacts in those companies you can use to build solid account plans. Information that sales can use is now available in the public domain. The tool we use is called Inside View. It grabs data from over 30,000 points on the internet and brings it back into your CRM for account planning. This makes it much easier to do suitable account planning on large, medium, and even small opportunities.

                                                            Marketing Automation

3. Marketing Automation- The success of an organization is directly depends on Marketing Automation so an agent and sales manager both the departments mainly focus on these two points. Cold calls, lead follow ups, demos and presentations. With marketing automation tools, each sales agent can cover more ground with prepared email campaigns that are followed by the CRM. You can have hundreds of demos happening each day in our company. You can follow these activities in CRM. You can set up promotion campaigns to walk a prospect from introduction to paying customer with little or no involvement from a direct sales person. You can engage the prospect in your web site. You can engage a customer in sales process by following their activity on your web site. Apply structured sales process to email marketing and web traffic. Follow all this in CRM.

Marketing Automation sits inside your CRM and gives you wonderful capability to attract and engage new customers. This opens the door to a new sales coverage model. Those who see it is benefit for their company they implement it and those who don’t find any profit may go for other option. The basics normally remain the same. We must perform high value sales activities to nurture our prospects through our sales process. We must pull new technology to cover more ground than our competitors and we must simplify the selling process for our people using tools such as CRM.

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Marketing Automation
MS CRM 2013
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