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To remain competitive your organisation must be efficient across the business process spectrum. To do so you need to take sound decisions based on a balance between the cost and risk. To do so you will be heavily dependent on your content management in itself needs...


CRM Testing Detects Quality Issues and Improves Customer Relation

By Himanshu on 1/16/2020
CRMs have occupied the markets of the Software industry to huge levels. But there always exists a problem that needs to be given absolute attention to. Certain CRM firms have reported about the bugs and the untimely restoring of the same has lead companies to bitter the relation with the users. 
MS CRM Testing
Testing Team

New SharePoint Features Supporting Compliance

By Himanshu on 1/15/2020
SharePoint is one of the paramount web-based collaborative platforms that associate with Microsoft. The platform has got many praises for a variety of document management features that ably support compliance which includes Data Encryption, Access control, and two-factor authentication. So before judging anything let us dig into the facts of the new updates on Compliance made by SharePoint in recent times.
SharePoint 2019

D365 Customer Engagement vs Dynamics CRM- Time for an upgrade

By Himanshu on 1/14/2020

Two years back a huge storm on Dynamics thrashed the CRM world. In 2016 The Dynamics 365 was set out in the market making much buzz about its features and different other aspects. Thus the companies who were the users of Dynamics CRM were in huge trouble, some changed their CRMs while others got much impatient about it. Now the big question that arises is that is it a wise decision to change or even switch to Dynamic 365? Let’s take a close view of it!

Dynamics CRM
D365 Customer Engagement vs Dynamics CRM
dynamics 365 customer engagement plan
MS Dynamics
MS Dynamics 365

Unified Client Interface in Dynamics 365 Engagement Plan

By Himanshu on 1/14/2020
The new Unified Interface is a bond between web and mobile platforms, providing a dependable experience across devices by utilizing a responsive design for optimum viewing and interaction regardless of the device's screen size or orientation.
Dynamics CRM
MS Dynamics 365
MS Dynamics 365 Engagement Plan
Unified Client Interface
Unified Client Interface in Dynamics 365

Software Development Methodology

By Himanshu on 1/3/2020
Entering into a whole new decade made mankind superior to another level. Be it in inventing things that were thought to be impossible or even making things that were next to impossible. But all these were only possible because Technology never left our hands.
Software Development
Software Development Methodology
Software Engineering

5 Reasons to Choose MS Dynamics CRM in 2020

By Himanshu on 1/2/2020
While CRM stands to be one of the most in-demand and sought after technologies in the industry, it is still one in its growing years. This means that there are solutions galore for problems, some of them better than others. MS Dynamics CRM remains one of the oldest and trusted CRM mainframes that companies often choose to invest in. 
Dynamics CRM
MS Dynamics 365
MS Dynamics 365 Engagement Plan
MS Dynamics CRM in 2020
Reasons to Choose MS Dynamics CRM

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Trial

By Himanshu on 1/1/2020

The users who want to sign up a free trail of Dynamics 365. You can click on the link Dynamics 365 trial sign-up page. Sign up for a free trial of Dynamics 365 Marketing. You can sign up for a trial version of Dynamics 365 for free. Trials last for 30 days.

Dynamics CRM
Dynamics 365
dynamics 365 customer engagement plan
Sign up for a free trial of Dynamics 365

MS Dynamics - How does the future look like?

By Himanshu on 12/16/2019

The clock in rolling down to 2020. A new decade signals the end of a glorious one, a period where Information Technology became much more than just code, a period where cloud and integration took over from traditional software and storage. This also means the death of some technologies. But how much of that is true?

Dynamics CRM
MS Dynamics 365
MS Dynamics 365 Engagement Plan
MS Dynamics future

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services Cycle: XRM Labs Offerings

By Himanshu on 12/14/2019

Customer Relationship Management took off with the requirement of business essential credible information for firms about their consumers, or potential consumers. We, XRM Labs rode the wave to provide premium services in the realm of CRM, particularly focusing on MS Dynamics 365 during this journey. Years later, clients later and experiences later, we find ourselves firmly proud of the skillet we’ve managed to harvest in Dynamics CRM.

Dynamics CRM
MS CRM 2016
Data Migration & Upgrade
MS CRM 365 service Module
MS Dynamics Consulting
MS Dynamics Customization
MS Dynamics Integration & Reporting

Communication Channels Between Offshore and Onsite Development Teams

By Himanshu on 12/13/2019
Business has changed more than one could have ever predicted. Remote teams and agile technologies have disrupted the age-old office face-to-face work methodology. While multiple leaders in their own spheres opt to award projects, both Development and Support, it opens up a horizon to firms from countries like India, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. 
Dynamics CRM
MS Dynamics 365 Communication Channels
MS Dynamics 365 Engagement Plan
MS Dynamics CRM Offshore and Onsite Development Teams
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