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What is CRM?

By xrmlabs webmaster on 8/16/2013

CRM means Customer Relationship Management. Today ‘Customer is the King’, with increasing number of available options for the customer, it is more likely that customer may lose brand loyalty and thus the brand/company loses a customer. Today it is of prime importance that a company should not only find new clients on a continuous basis but also it should maintain its present and older clients. It is most important to maintain a database of customer choices and preferences for research and development, as a source for improving product quality as well as for increasing sales productivity by providing accurate figures to the sales team. Maintaining all this information manually is not possible, the solution is CRM. CRM provides automation to database management of all the required information of customers, prospective clients, leads, contact etc. Not only information but the business processes can also be automated using a CRM System. Microsoft Dynamic CRM can help in automating business processes like Marketing, Sales, Services, etc.

We at XRMLABS are helping the businesses to increase their profitability by automating their business processes and maintaining customer information database. We customize the business requirement of our clients (companies) in CRM and help their business grow.

CRM makes the business processes more efficient and effective. ‘Efficient’ because TIME is saved and it helps in making the work force efficient and ‘Effective’ because it helps in effective utilization of all resources and increasing productivity & revenue.

In the present scenario, we need to optimize the utilization of all the available resources. To ‘get most out of the minimum’ is the motto of every organization today. How to go about it….? The solution is again CRM. It can help your organization to schedule the utilization of resources to get the best out of what is available.

With the increasing competition the market is filled with several competitors each offering several lucrative options which creates an obvious inclination of customer. The more lucrative offer the higher the inclination. There is one more thing that a customer looks forward to, apart from offers, which is also the critical point of turning your deal into sale, is Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction. A customer gets more satisfaction if he/she gets his problem solved at every possible point and gets personal attention during his/her product’s life cycle. If a company provides that extra personal touch to its customer, the customer gets more satisfaction and thus the organization gains in terms of customer loyalty and increased revenue even at times of tough competition. The personal touch can be provided only if an organization has customized software for maintaining database of its customer and product details and gets a quick access of entire details as and when needed. CRM can help you achieve this.


Suppose a customer ‘John’ calls to the call center of ‘XYZ Company’, for a fault in an Air Conditioner. If this ‘XYZ Company’ has CRM set up then the call will be handled most efficiently. The Customer Service personnel will confirm few details from John, as he already have a record of John and his product with him and he can quickly forward his complaint to the technical person who is available at the time slot given by John. Now the technical personnel is forwarded the details of John and he will arrive at John’s place and after attending his problem asks for an acknowledgement code. After receiving that code, the technical person will submit it at the service terminal. This will create additional information in the John’s record in CRM which will provide help in handling problems related to his product better in future.

With this personal attention and quick service John will definitely feel more satisfied and will have more inclination for coming back to same help desk again in future. There can be numerous examples where a company can cater the customer satisfaction at various levels. CRM can support its efforts in an efficient way.

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