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To remain competitive your organisation must be efficient across the business process spectrum. To do so you need to take sound decisions based on a balance between the cost and risk. To do so you will be heavily dependent on your content management in itself needs...


Service Management- A Business Priority to Retain and Enhance Customer Base

By xrmlabs webmaster on 9/2/2013

Every business activity starts with either marketing or sales as a core area to increase profitability of a company. These days only focusing on these two departments might not help to overcome your rivals. Today the ‘Businesses are Service-Oriented’ and the ‘Customer loyalty is Service-Specific’. For competing in market one has to be on-its-toe for providing best service possible. Service not only means maintenance and technical support but it also means dealing with every problem faced by the customer. The problem or query may be tiny but it should be dealt with the same enthusiasm as any other major thing. Customer should feel satisfied after your customer care unit responded to him/her.

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Marketing Module of CRM- A Success Tool for Marketing Managers

By xrmlabs webmaster on 8/25/2013

Marketing module of CRM- a success tool for Marketing Managers

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4 P’s
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Effective sales management through CRM-Sales module

By xrmlabs webmaster on 8/17/2013

In every day shopping, we prefer to go to the same shop again and again where the sales person make you feel good and enhance your shopping experience. The ‘Feel good’ factor retains the customer to the same brand and highly influences their preferences and choices, thus resulting in influenced buying behavior.

Automating business processes
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What is CRM?

By xrmlabs webmaster on 8/16/2013

CRM means Customer Relationship Management. Today ‘Customer is the King’, with increasing number of available options for the customer, it is more likely that customer may lose brand loyalty and thus the brand/company loses a customer. Today it is of prime importance that a company should not only find new clients on a continuous basis but also it should maintain its present and older clients. It is most important to maintain a database of customer choices and preferences for research and development, as a source for improving product quality as well as for increasing sales productivity by providing accurate figures to the sales team. Maintaining all this information manually is not possible, the solution is CRM. CRM provides automation to database management of all the required information of customers, prospective clients, leads, contact etc. Not only information but the business processes can also be automated using a CRM System. Microsoft Dynamic CRM can help in automat ...

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How to fix MS CRM 2011 rsProcessingAborted error when executing a custom report?

By xrmlabs webmaster on 7/30/2013

Few days back I was asked to look at a MS CRM 2011 system where Out of Box reports were working fine however custom reports were giving error (rsProcessingAborted). If MS CRM 2011 is installed on a separate server and SQL is on a different server and you are getting the same error then this post can be helpful for you.   You need to follow the steps below/ 1) SSRS connector is missing or not installed. The SSRS Connector needs to be installed on the SQL Server system. The installer for SSRS Connector can be found under MS CRM installation media. Installing the SSRS connector requires MSSQL service to restart. This should solve 90% of the problems as this is one of the most common step that may be missed out in a CRM installation. To see if SSRS connector is already installed or not please go to c:\program files\SSRS Connector  if this folder is already present then SSRS connector is already installed. I will advice you to repair it even if it is installed. 2) ...

SQL Sever
MS CRM 2011
MS SQL Server

Guest Blogs(Requirement of the current trend)

By xrmlabs webmaster on 4/28/2013

Now a days, There is a trend of posting and writing guest blogs. Basically guest blog is just like a piece of writing, which will be posted or published on someone else site or blog. Now there is a question that why we post our blog to someone else site or blog. Actually, you can embed your site or company site’s links, By which your site has been some opportunity to be visited by those, who would never intended to. There are lots of benefits by writing Guest blogs. • Increasement of Traffic   Increasing traffic is the basic need of the site owner, he always want more traffic on our blog or site. The best way is too increase the traffic is to write blog post entry, you can do it by written on your site as well as another sites. By written a blog on another site will increase or attract the traffic of other blogs to your site.On the web , every site owner wants there site visible. Now these days guest posting is a very good tool to increase online visibility. & ...


How to write XML dynamically through code at button click and to store in project directory without giving location.

By xrmlabs webmaster on 4/28/2013

Step 1 Develop UI as per requirement like Name, Branch, Address, Pin Code, Mobile No Add namespaces

MS CRM 2011

Java Script Scrolling a message at the status bar of the web page

By xrmlabs webmaster on 4/24/2013

By this simple  piece of java script code you can scroll a message on the webpage .The message is called on the body load of the page .

Java script
scrolling message

Check Box Utilities in ASP.NET

By xrmlabs webmaster on 4/24/2013

By this article I want to just describe the utility of check box and compare to the radio buttons . In the radio button list user is restricted to select at least one selection user can not escape the choice but in the check box list user is not restricted to select a choice even he can go for no choice also .

Check box

Java Script Wishing according to time span

By xrmlabs webmaster on 4/24/2013

By this simple piece of java script code you can say good morning , good evening ,……. To the logged in user . The logic is quite simple the web page takes the system time and according to the time part the messages  are created and displayed so  messages are displayed regardless of the country time.

Java script
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