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How to copy the same address to another address by Business Rules in CRM 2013

By Anurag on 2/26/2014

This feature is use to copy same address to another address on Contact , Account and Lead form but here I would like to focus mainly on contact form same address copy to another address for example (Physical Address copy to Mailing Address) click on (Same Physical Address Copy to Mailing Address) checkbox field. So it is an interesting functionality to be noted in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. It is used for developer to develop in order to implement business rule.

MS CRM 2013
Copy Contact Address
Copy same Addresses
MS CRM 2013

How to import Contacts in MS CRM 2013

By Anurag on 2/24/2014

This feature is used to import data records for any entity (Account, Contact or Lead). You can use this tool to import data records from one or more comma-separated values (.csv), XML Spreadsheet 2003 (.xml), or text files for import but here I would like to focus mainly on contacts import in contact Entity. Let's see how data import works in CRM 2013.

MS CRM 2013
Contacts in 2013
Import in 2013
MS CRM 2013

Step to create Order in Microsoft Dynamic CRM

By Siddharth on 2/7/2014

Step to create Order in Microsoft Dynamic CRM

Step to create Quotation in MS CRM 2013

By Siddharth on 2/7/2014

Step to create the Quotation in MS CRM 2013

How to set Date Format in MS CRM 2013

By Anurag on 2/4/2014

I am trying to describe about the format of date setting format in MS CRM 2013.This feature is used to change number, date formats, currency and time zone in MS CRM 2013 according to the country selected by the user. Here I would like to focus mainly on date format.

MS CRM 2013
Date Format
MS CRM 2013

‘Black Box Testing’ method

By Himanshu on 2/3/2014

Earlier I had written about Software Testing Life Cycle to improve the quality of the product and also automated testing tool, today I will share my thoughts related ‘Testing Methodology’ which I experienced while I performed the tests. There are primarily two testing methodology to test software today I will discuss about the ‘Black Box Testing’ method. 

Testing Tools
‘Black Box Testing’ method
Black Box Testing
METHODOLOGIES of Software Testing

Guidelines to write an effective test case

By Himanshu on 2/3/2014

Ability to write effective test case it can acquire by testing experience and carefully studying the requirement and the software that is going through test. In this blog I will discuss how to write an effective test case. While creating a test case it should be well categorised like functional, business, navigational, validation error, etc.  To get a better understanding to the case as looking to its category user will know it is related to which part of the application/software. 

Testing Tools
good and effective test
Guidelines to write an effective test case
how to write test case

Custom compare date validator

By xrmlabs webmaster on 11/1/2013

Sometimes we need to compare two dates as start date and end date where we need that end date must be greater than start date . If we use date format in mm/dd/yyyy then compare validator works well but if we use date picker using jquery or the date in dd/mm/yyyy format by any other way then compare validator does not work because it recognizes only dd/mm/yyyy format. To over come this problem a custom date compare validator should be used. Following is a simple application where a custom compare validator has been used .


How to retrieve more than 50 records through OData in CRM 2011?

By xrmlabs webmaster on 11/1/2013

If you are using OData end points to retrieve records in MS CRM 2011 then you might be surprised to know that the maximum number of records that can be retrieved in a single retrieve call is 50. This is because the page size is fixed to Max 50 records. When working with large set of data we were faced with a similar problem. Thankfully MS CRM Odata has a next link which can be used to retrieve next 50 records. The following example shows how to retrieve more than 50 records using Odata end point. In this example we push the first 50 records in an array and retrieve next page results using the URL (quot;__nextquot;) provided in the JSON response object. Note we are using Jquery and JSON2 in the following example. We presume you have already added JQuery and JSON to your Form. To know more about how to add jquery please follow this blog entry (How to add JQuery support to CRM-2011) The javascript code is such as follows. var relatedContact = []; function onloadFetchAllC ...

Executing asynchronous process from a MS CRM 2011 plugin (or MS CRM 2011 how to call a workflow using C# code)?

By xrmlabs webmaster on 10/31/2013

Of late I face a problem where I had to execute an asynchronous process from a plugin. I was faced with multiple option like using asynchronous plugin or a workflow etc . After careful investigation of both the alternatives I came to the conclusion that my business process is much suited for a workflow rather than an asynchronous plugin.  Now the only real challenge was to call a workflow from a plugin code. After a bit of investigation of SDK I can across the following sdk ExecuteWorkflowRequest Class. This class allows you to execute on demand workflow using plugin. Now let try out some code C# ExecuteWorkflowRequest ewfr = new ExecuteWorkflowRequest(); //each workflow has its own unique GUID. This GUID can be used to specify which workflow needs to be executed ewfr.WorkflowId = new Guid("A68490BF-ABCD-1234-CDA1-1234567890AB"); // Replace the guid with your flow GUID   //Now all we need to do is specify the GUID of t ...

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