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To remain competitive your organisation must be efficient across the business process spectrum. To do so you need to take sound decisions based on a balance between the cost and risk. To do so you will be heavily dependent on your content management in itself needs...



By Chinmaya Tripathi on 9/18/2020

SharePoint provides a ton of features for a user to imply along with a ton of customizations for their convenience. This blog focuses on implementing things programmatically i.e. using the REST API to get the work done.

Comparison between Salesforce and D365 in terms of features, pricing, integrations

By Himanshu on 9/11/2020

It’s a good idea to compare both CRM’s features, pricing, integrations, etc. to give you a general idea which CRM Software product is better for your company.

Microsoft Dynamics compared to Salesforce, in terms of easiness in using, both have a web-based user interface that clubs together information of a similar nature.

Comparison between Salesforce and D365
Comparison between Salesforce and D365 in terms of features

How right is the CRM solution of Microsoft Dynamics 365

By Himanshu on 9/10/2020
This entirely depends on your business needs and requirement, whether MS CRM 365 is right for you or not. So, it will be wrong to say it is good or bad if you do not use it. But from my perspective and my experience, MS Dynamics CRM 365 is straightforward to use and fruitful, in other words, outstanding

Web API how to use web API and how to secure them in DNN

By Ishaan Sheikh on 8/9/2020

In today’s world if we are using any service on the internet, we are consuming some sort of APIs in many ways. Even the article you are reading is coming as a response to an API request to our servers. Have you ever thought how you are able to see Google Maps on websites other than Google? That is where the APIs comes into picture.

API In DotNetNuke

Example of an asynchronous type of workflow

By Hani Dixit on 8/5/2020

Hello all, as I have told in my last blog about how many types of workflows we can create in Microsoft CRM. In this blog, I am going to show you an example of an Asynchronous kind of workflow.In this example, we will create a simple workflow that runs in the background(asynchronously) to assign any newly created Contact record to a specific user and then send out a welcome email to the client.

MS CRM 2013
Dynamics CRM
MS CRM 2016
D365 CRM
Dynamics 365

How Many Types of Workflow in MS CRM can we create

By Hani Dixit on 8/3/2020

In this blog, we are going to tell you how many types of workflows we can create in Microsoft CRM.Workflows in MS CRM allow you to automate simple and complex business processes within CRM. You can create workflows using CRM out-of-the-box functionalities, or you can write custom workflows with .Net code to do complex workflows. Workflow processes can run in background or in real-time and if required user input option can be given.

MS CRM 2013
Dynamics CRM
MS CRM 2016
D365 CRM

Workflow approval email notification stop to work in Business Central

By Himanshu on 7/2/2020

In this blog, I will like to share one of my experiences with Workflow approval email notification. Recently the email notification request for approval stopped working for workflows, which I have created earlier, and they were working.  

Business Central
Workflow approval email
Workflow approval email notification stop to work

Xamarin Forms: Display internet connectivity status with animation

By Himanshu Yadav on 6/18/2020

While developing any mobile app that is connected to the internet, we have to also handle the condition when the user is not connected to the internet. Sometimes we use Alert box or toast to prompt users that they are not connected to the internet, but it will be good if we can add some animation or images to display that message so that we can improve user experience.

How to create a workflow in Business Central

By Himanshu on 6/15/2020

Workflows link different users’ interrelated tasks. Two very common uses of workflows are approvals and requests to create new records, Things like payment approvals can also be included in workflows as an automated step before or after a predefined user task.

Business Central
How to create a workflow in Business Central
workflow in Business Central

How to Create workflow user groups in Business central

By Himanshu on 6/1/2020

In this blog I am going to show you step by step how to set up users under workflow user groups, and you specify the users’ number in a process sequence, such as an approver chain. A Workflow User Group is a list of users to approve requests generated by a Workflow.

Business Central
How to create workflow user groups in Business Central
Workflow user group
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