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How to create a workflow in Business Central

By Himanshu on 6/15/2020

In my last blog I have showed you how to create workflow user groups. Today in this blog I will show how to use these workflow user groups in workflow. Link to my previous blog is (How to Create workflow user groups in Business central

Workflows link different users’ interrelated tasks. Two very common uses of workflows are approvals and requests to create new records, Things like payment approvals can also be included in workflows as an automated step before or after a predefined user task.

Step 1: Search workflow in the search box and select Workflow from the list.

Step 2: Click “New Workflow from Template”

Step 3: Select “Purchase Order Approval Workflow” as this workflow we are creating will be executing on purchase orders.

Step 4: Following window will open.

Step 5: Click on the “On Condition” First row stating “Document Type: Order, status: Open”

Step 6: Add new filter as shown below click on “+ Filter” icon

Step 7: Select Department code “IT” as whenever this department will be selected in Po this workflow will be executed.

Step 8: Enter the amount value with condition. Like in our case we have entered less than $10K then this workflow will be executed.

Step 9: In next step add record restriction.

Step 10: Select a required action item from the list. In our case we have selected “Create Approval Request”

Step 11: In next step select “Approver Type” as Workflow user group” and click Ok.