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To remain competitive your organisation must be efficient across the business process spectrum. To do so you need to take sound decisions based on a balance between the cost and risk. To do so you will be heavily dependent on your content management in itself needs...


How to create new profiles and a unique role in Business Central?

By Himanshu on 3/20/2020
I will show you how to create a new role in the sales order processor as I want a Junior sales guy to use it. First, I will show you what groups do I have in my navigation. As you can see, I have seven different groups in my navigation. 
Business Central
How to create new role in Business Central.
profiles in Business Central

How we can set up dimensions in Business Central

By Himanshu on 3/10/2020

In this blog I will be showing you how we can add Dimensions and Dimension values in Business Central. I’m going to show this with an example adding a new dimension by name “Department” and few Dimension values to it. Only two dimensions can be global. 

Business Central
Dimensions in Business Central
How we can set up dimensions in Business Central

Future of Xamarin

By Himanshu on 2/13/2020

The question then arises about the future of Xamarin we can re-frame it as the future of either the app and the future of the developers included in developing the app. So Xamarin is a very popular platform. It is a cross-platformed mobile application framework which generally supports iOS and Android development.

Future of Xamarin
Mobile apps development using Xamarin

Process to Set Up Email in Dynamics 365 Business Central

By Himanshu on 2/12/2020

This blog explains how we can set up email in Dynamics 365 Business Central. This will allow user to email documents from email accounts within D365 BC. Dynamics 365 Business Central gives you ability to use the built-in mail function to send documents like PO, Invoice etc. to vendors and customers. By this feature user save time from downloading the documents attaching then in email and creating emails.

Business Central
How to Set Up Email in Dynamics 365 Business Central
Set Up Email in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Visual Studio 2019 Version 16.5 Preview 2 Update

By Himanshu on 2/11/2020
The very talked-about Visual Studio 2019 version 16.5 Preview 2 was released this week. Now many people were excited to know about the new features that were added in the new version. 
Visual Studio 2019
Visual Studio 2019 ver 16.5
Visual Studio 2019 ver 16.5 Preview 2 Update

Why Xamarin For Enterprise App Development

By Himanshu on 2/4/2020
The Application Development world which changes like the wind from time to time incurs much new product in its genre and Xamarin is surely one of the big things for the upcoming years. Xamarin has not only won millions of hearts of the users even the clients are loving it and so statistics reveal that every 4 out of 10 apps are based on it. It has taken a hybrid and cross-platform to a notch higher than its previous status.
What is Xamarin
Xamarin For Enterprise App Development

Pros and Cons of using Xamarin in iOS and Android

By Himanshu on 2/3/2020
The current trend of the Millennial population is to do most of their chores online on their Phones. This is getting bigger and better day by day, so are the companies dealing with it are. The youngsters prefer doing their Web development even through Mobile phones. Then the next question that might strike is which app on Web development can help us do these chores in handy phones. Xamarin is one such platform where such things can be done with ease. It is an open-source framework for cross-platform web development and is the child product of Microsoft which acquired it in 2013.
Cons of Using Xamarin
Mobile apps development using Xamarin
Pros of Using Xamarin

CRM Testing Detects Quality Issues and Improves Customer Relation

By Himanshu on 1/16/2020
CRMs have occupied the markets of the Software industry to huge levels. But there always exists a problem that needs to be given absolute attention to. Certain CRM firms have reported about the bugs and the untimely restoring of the same has lead companies to bitter the relation with the users. 
MS CRM Testing
Testing Team

New SharePoint Features Supporting Compliance

By Himanshu on 1/15/2020
SharePoint is one of the paramount web-based collaborative platforms that associate with Microsoft. The platform has got many praises for a variety of document management features that ably support compliance which includes Data Encryption, Access control, and two-factor authentication. So before judging anything let us dig into the facts of the new updates on Compliance made by SharePoint in recent times.
SharePoint 2019

D365 Customer Engagement vs Dynamics CRM- Time for an upgrade

By Himanshu on 1/14/2020

Two years back a huge storm on Dynamics thrashed the CRM world. In 2016 The Dynamics 365 was set out in the market making much buzz about its features and different other aspects. Thus the companies who were the users of Dynamics CRM were in huge trouble, some changed their CRMs while others got much impatient about it. Now the big question that arises is that is it a wise decision to change or even switch to Dynamic 365? Let’s take a close view of it!

Dynamics CRM
D365 Customer Engagement vs Dynamics CRM
dynamics 365 customer engagement plan
MS Dynamics
MS Dynamics 365
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