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3 technique of MS CRM can help your sales team increase productivity

By Abhay Choudhary on 11/20/2016

Sales incentive programs and challenge are attempted and true strategies for motivating sale teams, however what happens if just a similar top selling performer are rewarded every wave of rivalry?. CRM’s Fantasy Sales Team can help everyone in your business group score big this fall and keep the entire department involved.

Microsoft recently acquired an intelligent deals activity program intended to rouse cooperation amongst offices and inspiration among your organization’s top sellers and new performer. In this module, clients will have the capacity to “draft” groups inside your work environment and need to team up with colleagues to beat out the competition. Here are some features that Microsoft CRM’s Fantasy sales team offers:

# include everybody in the dream draft – Don’t simply confine the fun to sales reps!

# assign direct value to common tasks all through Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

# make prizes for different results.

# Track comes about on intelligent leaderboards all around the workplace – Celebratory firework video’s included.

# Schedule automated emails with your group’s outcomes installed.

# Produce performance information charts/graphs for the group or individual.

MS Dynamics CRM’s Fantasy Sales Team has been demonstrated to deliver comes about when and where you require it. Below are the 3 ways that Fantasy Sales Team can help your sales team increase productivity.

Group Oriented Competition Modules           

Nobody adores a good competition more than sales reps and because of the fantasy sports environment, clients get the chance to draft their team (allowing them to work with people they actually need to). Because “players” can be drafted and exchanged, everybody is motivated to remain in the diversion regardless of the possibility that they aren’t by and large a top performing sales rep. Based off the qualities, players can be allocated diverse “positions” with the goal that they feel esteemed and can focus on their abilities. With the whole group doing what they specialize in, inner efficiency is certain to increment. In addition to all of this, because there are multiple leaderboards available and scores are kept continuously, players feel the weight and the drive to succeed.

Everything is automated – Keeping things Simple for your sales reps

if fantasy Sales Team occupied your sales reps from doing actual work, it wouldn’t be so effective as it may be. What might be the purpose of actualizing this product if whatever it did was load up representative with complicated spreadsheets, occupied work, or get them too discovered up in checking detail to really stay profitable? Fortunately, there is no bustling work required as everything is on the web and followed for your representatives. To the extent fanatically checking the score boards? Team member will soon discover that time squandered reviving their screens detracts from time really performing and will end up with them falling behind the competition.

Awards and user profiles – Bragging rights and achievement 

Fantasy Sales Team lets manager have a chance to set up an assortment of various honor classes to perceive accomplishments of big and small – motivating more team members than a traditional 1,2,3 award ranking would. Creating multiple ways to win allows for higher engagement and with user profiles, players can show their trophies and badges for the whole organization to see.

Not just does this group based sports module keep motivation within the work environment, additionally helps your administration team connect with the new wave of millennial generation’s hitting the workforce. Always considering inventive waves to drive profitability is the thing that our quickly evolving market needs to be successful, and Fantasy Sales Team’s creative innovation does precisely that and now that they have been gained by Microsoft their range can expand much further.

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