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Steps to protect your Dynamics CRM from data stealing

By Abhay Choudhary on 10/7/2016

In this blog I would like to share some best steps to protect your customer data by avoiding individuals from copying CRM records to their USB flash drive, or sharing them on the cloud.  It’s so easy for any employee that could export an entire CRM customer database and begin contacting these contacts at their new organization.

That might show up a worst outcome imaginable yet it is genuine danger on the off chance that you don’t have a compelling client security strategy set up. Microsoft Dynamics is a strong framework to safeguard client data yet this must be deliberately designed to ensure that users are granted the right to get authorizations.

Here are some of the following steps that protect your Dynamics Crm from Data Theft:

Avoid Data Export to Excel

The most evident and harming way that information theft occurs by exporting to Excel. Dynamics CRM information can be exported to excel from any perspective covering boundless fields for every record sort. For contact records an exportable CRM perspective could include: names, telephone numbers, email address, mail address, work title, basic leadership status and other division. Significantly more information can be exchanged from Dynamics CRM accounts, drives, and open doors. Maybe even a list of active customer contracts that include their qualities and expiry dates.

Utilizing Security Roles

There are a couple of simple adjustments System Administrators can make. CRM security roles ensure that access to sensitive information is firmly controlled. Thus, the security roles are a matrix of privileges and access permission for Dynamics CRM record sorts/substances. These are arranged under different tabs view of their functionality these include: core records, marketing, sales, services, business management, service management, and customization and custom entities. Each CRM client is assigned a security role which can be done on an organizational, business unit, group or individual client premise to prevent the wrong individuals accessing data.

Another critical thought is to figure out whether every clients ought to have access to all Dynamics CRM records, or simply their own. On the business Management screen in every security role a progression of protection related benefits control the action a client can take.

CRM for Mobile

Enabling clients to get to dynamics CRM portable applications another consideration in CRM mobile offline. The Dynamics CRM online data is downloaded to the SQL Azure database using the Azure cloud, based on that you’ve enabled for offline accessibility. When a client connects to the Azure Cloud service from a mobile app with offline capability, information in downloaded from the SQL Azure database to a local database on the mobile device. Data exchange between the SQL Azure database on the Azure cloud and the CRM mobile app with offline capability is through a secure SSL connection. Eventually, client information is put away in SQL Azure database and on the mobile device.

The systems administration regulates if clients have permission to go offline with CRM Mobile Offline App by using security roles and Dynamics CRM Mobile profile customization. CRM admins can configure which entities are downloaded via Offline Sync by using the Sync filters setting in the setting – Mobile Offline dialog box.

Document Generation

Creating document by means of templates pull through specific fields from inside CRM. The Capacity to make single archives is a vital benefit, particularly to creating quotes. This authorization is a technique for removing CRM information, yet it is a tremendously tedious one ought to an individual consider doing this maliciously. All such things considered, this authorization is regarded as an acceptable risk.

Go Offline on Outlook

Dynamics CRM users for Outlook plugin, have the choice to take data offline. This stores information in a SQL database on the client’s machine but if permission is revoked, they won’t have the option within Outlook to go offline. Given across the board access to the internet, off-line information is unlikely to be essential for all clients.


Disabling this will prevent clients from printing CRM reports. This additional blocks a report being printed to a PDF file. This may require examination before disabling the function as few reports will be rendered useless if they can’t be printed, or accessible as PDF records. If it is necessary, different print settings can be made on a report basis.

Trusted IP Address

Lastly, you can limit the access to Dynamics CRM online to clients with trusted IP addresses to reduce unapproved access. At the point when trusted IP address restrictions are applied to a client’s profile and the user attempt to log in from an unapproved IP address, CRM access is blocked.

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