XrmLabs CRM Album

XRM Labs CRM Album is a premium add-on that manages images and photographs inside your MS CRM 2011 browser. It is built by well-established Silverlight technology, and it can be added to almost any entity in CRM 2011. The tool enables you to add photographs or images directly from your browser to the corresponding CRM record. The seamless integration of webcam, drag, and drop brings richness to the MS CRM 2011. The tool also comes with a 30 day free trial (no credit cards required, no questions asked, and no hidden clauses. If you don’t like it, just uninstall it). 

Supported on: Internet Explorer 7(IE7), Internet Explorer 8(IE8),Internet Explorer 9(IE 9)

Click here to download.

XrmLabs Facebook DNN Login module

The XRM Labs Facebook DNN Login Module allows website users to login using their Facebook account directly into your DNN web portal. It makes your website more sociable and makes it easier for your users to interact with your website. To put the icing on top, this module is completely free!

Auto Number Plugin

The XRM Labs Auto Number add-on creates a unique reference number for the records in the Dynamics 365 system. This add-on tool allows users to add auto numbering to CRM entities that are not supported by the built-in numbering system. By using this tool customizer, users can create an auto number which is a combination of a prefix, separator, random number left padded with zero, and a suffix. Users can also use this reference auto number to uniquely identify a record in the CRM system.

Xrm Labs Auto Number add-on supports all custom and system entities for permitted users to create new attributes.

• Supports all custom entities.
• Supports all systems entities that accept new attributes.
• Supports records generated by Workflow.
• Customizable prefix and suffix for each entity.
• User can set starting number.
• No duplicate records.
• Auto number will not be used again if a record is deleted or deactivated.

Click Here to download


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