Setting up your 30 day trial !!

How do I get started with the XRM Labs CRM Album?

  • Download solution installer by clicking here.
  • Download Installation guide to XRM Labs Cloud Album by clicking here.
  • Follow the step in the installation guide to install the XRM Labs CRM Album.
  • Request a key at sales@xrmlabs.com. 
  • Configure the license.

Does XRM Labs CRM Album supports web cam integration?

Yes you can take snaps from you XRM Labs CRM Album and can be uploaded directly to the CRM record. Other than web cam the XRM Labs CRM Album supports drag and drop, browser and upload features as well.  

Do I loose all the images if I uninstall or do not renew XRM Labs CRM Album?

No you don't!! when you uninstall or do not like to go ahead with XRM Labs CRM album your images still remain in your CRM system itself.

What do I do if I am facing any problem?

Contact us or write to us as support@xrmlabs.com

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