Are you absolutely at your wits end in trying to import data from different systems into your Dynamic CRM? Do you have an excel sheet with lot of records but nowhere to import because somebody has misspelled an Account name on the ERP system.

Imagine a scenario where you want to import an entity or a list of contracts, but somebody has misspelled the parent account name on the accounting software. If you had 100-220 records, then one of your poor employees will have to fix it by going into every related record and manually matching the name.


Imagine the same scenario happening again and again for 10 offices spread among three different continents. Some of which only have non-English speaking operators.

So what do you do?

Absolutely nothing because we have an artificial intelligent robot ready for you. Our software robot will use advanced AI logic and phonetics to match any offending fields on your CRM with any column name in your Excel. It will either import everything or ask for your confirmation by showing the matches it has found.

Still not impressed? Well you can choose which column to match with which entity!

Also, if you want to import data based on a dependent entity that has erroneous data, just point and click, and our AI robot will fix it for you.

See examples below:

Original Excel Sheet

Robot Matched Records

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