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To remain competitive your organisation must be efficient across the business process spectrum. To do so you need to take sound decisions based on a balance between the cost and risk. To do so you will be heavily dependent on your content management in itself needs...


How to run TypeScript code on Visual Studio 2015

By Sudeep on 8/7/2017

Often when traditional C# programmers start learning javascript based languages or framework, they are confused by the Linux style compiler options and command line statements. All of us want to use our favorite Visual Studio to write code. The same is true for TypeScript too. It can be a steep learning curve for just setting up the development environment. In this blog post, I will try to simplify it in clear steps and show you how you can get Visual Studio and TypeScript singing together inside an ASP.NET project under 10 minutes. 


Salesforce track field history

By Sudeep on 7/19/2017
How often have you faced this situation as an admin when some employee comes up to you and says that a field in a record which he was working on was changed. In most cases these changes have been made by he user which he simply forgot but as an admin you need solid evidence to show him. Sometimes the complain is genuine, the field value was changed by some other person.

Salesforce tags the best productivity tool for CRM

By Sudeep on 7/19/2017

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for all its innovation and bells and whistles, seems to have completely forgotten about the humble 'tag'. It isn't something that is a new phenomenon , 'tags' have been around for ages. Anybody who has either done blogging or searched for articles has used the power of tags to categorize articles. Salesforce on the other hand has made the 'tag' our best friend. This little innovation makes working in Salesforce CRM a pleasure, specifically for people who hate to search for records through a maze of menus and submenus. In this particular blog post we will be looking at how to use Salesforce tags to increase your productivity

How to change Business Process Flow on the basis of selected value from Option Set

By Anshuman Trivedi on 6/22/2017

Recently in my current project I have 2 Business Process Flow for the same entity and I have to activate or change the Business Process Flow on change of option set value. So for this I thought of writing this script.

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Integration between MS Dynamics AX and MS CRM

By Anshuman Trivedi on 6/4/2017

Recently in my current project there was a requirement of client to do integration between MS Dynamics AX 2009 and MS CRM 2016.

How to register CRM Trial on your system

By Dev Priyam Krishna on 5/30/2017
To Register/Sign up process for CRM Trail Follow the steps below :
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CRM Trial

ASP.NET Web API 2 and Cross Domain Problem

By Sudeep on 4/17/2017
One of the most common issues we face is creating a REST API for our client which is hosted on a brand new domain while the client application is being hosted on the clients old domain. Specifically when client demands that we carry both the system parallel for couple of months until he/she has confidence on the upgraded API's. In our own company we found this issue when launching a brand new domain for a new application. Unfortunately the new application hosted on the new domain talks to our old REST API hosted on our company domain. Problem!

Billing Of Customers

By Dev Priyam Krishna on 4/3/2017
As a part of running your business, it is very important to work on customer basics. We have customer details, work details, and customer satisfaction factors which keeps them up in our system.Lets have a look into a typical billing cycle process?

Salesforce CRM Data Migrating using SSIS integration toolkit

By Anurag on 3/27/2017

 Salesforce CRM covers every zone of customer connections, ranging from marketing to service.  Any organization that deal with their customer relationships comprehensively can come in and use Salesforce without losing time, and wasting money for software improvement or hardware infrastructure.

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Export the Default Solution from CRM to create a backup

By Anshuman Trivedi on 3/8/2017

Ques: How to export the Default Solution to create a backup?

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