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To remain competitive your organisation must be efficient across the business process spectrum. To do so you need to take sound decisions based on a balance between the cost and risk. To do so you will be heavily dependent on your content management in itself needs...


Between CRM and ERP which should I Choose for my Business?

By Himanshu on 1/11/2019
I heard a lot from clients with which they should go between ERP and CRM. They often get confused before going for any one of these products. While looking into a wide picture ERP and CRM have few overlapping features and characteristics but their core functions are massively different. But both used to increase the overall profitability of a business.
Dynamics CRM
About CRM
Between CRM and ERP which should I Choose for my Business
Differences between the ERP and CRM

In memory multiple files downloaded as a in memory zip

By Sudeep on 1/2/2019

This problem is pretty hard to explain until one faces it for the first time. My environment is Azure web app. My code downloads multiple files using a third party REST endpoint on the server side. My ASP.NET UI then downloads it to the client. I don't have the luxury of a server folder aka Server.MapPath

Best ways to practice successful Test Management

By Himanshu on 1/1/2019

Best ways to practice’s for Successful Test Management

Testing Tools
Best ways to practice’s for Successful Test Management

DeSerialize JSON UNIX time easily

By Sudeep on 12/21/2018

UNIX time or UNIX Epoch is the time format used by JSON, hence developers/consumers of the REST API struggle with the desrialization of such JSON data. In this blog post I give you the simplest option to mitigate this issue. No complicated code just an in-built annotation and all the problems are solved.


Error DotNetNuke.Web.Mvc.MvcHttpModule.SuppressXFrameOptionsHeaderIfPresentInConfig during DNN Upgrade from Current Version - 07.03.02 to Version 09.XX.XX

By Akash Kumar Choudhary on 12/12/2018

If you are upgrading the DNN from 07.03.02 to Version 09.XX.XX and post upgrade you are getting the following error  Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.  Exception Details: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Source Error:  An unhandled exception was generated during the execution of the current web request. Information regarding the origin and location of the exception can be identified using the exception stack trace below. Stack Trace:  DotNetNuke.Web.Mvc.MvcHttpModule.SuppressXFrameOptionsHeaderIfPresentInConfig() +327 DotNetNuke.Web.Mvc.MvcHttpModule.Init(HttpApplication context) +13 System.Web.Http ...

.Net; DNN

Top Features To Look For In A CRM

By Sid Kapoor on 12/11/2018
Is your business looking for a CRM? Are you struggling to track leads, monitor relationship management, maintain your contacts and do more without the aid of technology? Do you need customer relationship management software that is easy to use and that accommodates the needs of your business? If this sounds like you, keep reading for some top features to look for when choosing a CRM and how choosing the right CRM provider can help your business grow and succeed.
MS CRM 2013
MS CRM 2016
D365 CRM
Dynamic CRM 2015
Dynamics CRM
Dynamics CRM 2013
Dynamics CRM 2016

What Is Microsoft Azure And Why Your Business Needs It

By Sid Kapoor on 12/7/2018

By now, many business owners, office managers and anyone that uses cloud technology have heard about Microsoft Azure. If not, keep reading to learn what Microsoft Azure is and what it means for your business. While a big part of Microsoft’s business software package, it still has to compete with the likes of Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a piece of the cloud computing industry. So, just what is Azure, anyway?

Azure Cloud
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Cloud

The Benefits Of Adopting A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

By Sid Kapoor on 11/11/2018

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system enables sales managers to store their important customer data in a central location and in an easy to use format making them much more effective and efficient at their jobs. Monitoring sales processes as well as their team’s performance can all be done using a CRM system to optimise their company’s sales and increasing company growth.

MS CRM 2013
Dynamics CRM
MS CRM 2016
D365 CRM
Dynamics CRM

Which Mobile App Is Better For Your Business?

By Sid Kapoor on 11/11/2018

Most small to medium and enterprise level business owners understand the importance of being a digital company. Having a website and an online presence are ways to reach your target audience much more effectively but experts say that isn’t enough. In fact, businesses that offer their customers an easy to use mobile app are finding it easier to reach more customers and increase their sales without much additional effort.

android app development
android developer
iOS developer
mobile app development
mobile apps

How to Install and Use the Dynamics 365 in Outlook

By Himanshu on 11/2/2018

Following are the steps to install and use the Dynamics 365 in Outlook. First step is to Login to MS CRM 365 with your login credential. And click on the gear icon “Settings” and select “Apps for dynamics 365”

Dynamics CRM
How to Install and Use the Dynamics 365 in Outlook
Outlook 2016 and MS CRM 365
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