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Which Mobile App Is Better For Your Business?

By Sid Kapoor on 11/11/2018

Most small to medium and enterprise level business owners understand the importance of being a digital company. Having a website and an online presence are ways to reach your target audience much more effectively but experts say that isn’t enough. In fact, businesses that offer their customers an easy to use mobile app are finding it easier to reach more customers and increase their sales without much additional effort.

     Mobile apps are easy to use and they enable customers to connect with your business anywhere they are from their smartphones or other mobile devices. Mobile apps also make it easier for businesses to alert their customers to upcoming sales and promotions.

Which Platform Should You Choose?

     Now that you understand the importance of mobile apps, which platform do you choose? Your customers use iPhones and Android smartphones to shop online via mobile apps so which one is better for your business? Let’s take a closer look at both of them:

The Advantages Of Android Mobile Apps

Android Is Supported By Google- the Android app platform is supported by Google meaning it is backed by one of the largest software and web development companies in the world.

Android Is Affordable- Android offers an open source app architecture making is incredibly easy to customise which means your company’s mobile app can be custom tailored to your needs, your brand and the needs of your customers affordably. This means reduced costs for the business owner as mobile app development costs are reduced.

Android Is Versatile- the Android operating system can be found on a wide range of devices from smartphones, tablets, wearables and more. This means your mobile app can be seen by a much wider audience.

Android Is The Market Leader- the Android platform is used on more devices and new products using the platform are added almost monthly. The latest innovation that is using the Android platform are set-top boxes which adds mobile apps to home entertainment systems such as Amazon Fire TV, Roku and more.

The Advantages Of iOS Mobile Apps

iOS Update Availability- both iOS and Android platforms offer frequent updates, but only iOS updates are available for everyone regardless of the Apple product they are using.

iOS Apps Are More Attractive- iOS apps are visually more attractive than Android apps and offer a much nicer looking app architecture.

iOS Features No Unnecessary Apps- many Android product manufacturers add a wide range of additional apps to their products that cannot be removed from the device. iOS platforms are different in that many of these unnecessary apps are not present on the devices when purchased.

     While each platform has its own unique advantages, it can be difficult to choose only one. What most app developers suggest is to have your company’s mobile app developed for both platforms ensuring that you reach your target audience regardless of the device they use.

     To learn more about mobile app development for your business, contact the experts at XRM Labs today!

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