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How to Run Workflow Smart Button in Ribbon Workbench | XrmToolBox?

By Hani Dixit on 3/15/2023

How to Run Workflow Smart Button in Ribbon Workbench | XrmToolBox?

In this blog, we will show you how you can use the Run Workflow button from Smart Buttons in the Ribbon Workbench. In case you haven’t yet installed Smart Buttons in your Ribbon Workbench for your organization – For that here is a post from which you can add buttons – https://www.xrmlabs.com/About-Us/XRMs-Blog/Post/8466/How-to-Install-Smart-Buttons-for-Ribbon-Workbench-XrmToolBox

Scenario for Run Workflow-                    

I have a Workflow that updates the Contact’s Contact Grade field to the value Verified.

You would run this as an on-demand process.
 And we will update the Contact Grade field which I have shown below -

Adding the Run Workflow button-

Before we begin, just add the entity to the solution on which you want to perform the Run workflow, and then load it into the ribbon workbench –

  1. You will see Smart Buttons in your ribbon workbench, in which you will also see the Run Workflow button.


  1. When you drag the button onto the grid (in this case the form), a popup window will open to fill in the details of what the Run Workflow button is supposed to do –
    Title - Fill in the title of the Window.
    The workflow Name -   Fill in the text Display Name of the Workflow itself.
    Start Workflow Confirmation Text – On this type the text that should or will be displayed on the confirmation dialog when the button is clicked.
    Success Call-back JavaScript -  Add a JS snippet of what it should do upon success. Error Call-back JavaScript - Add a JS snipped of what it should do upon an error in Workflow execution.



  1. Once you fill all the details and click on OK, it will appear like this.


  1. Filling in all the details in the popup window, and after publishing your changes reload the page to see the smart button to execute the Workflow in action.


Working of the Workflow Smart Button –

You will see below how this workflow smart button will work –

  1. On the Contact form, I can now see this button being displayed and it has its Run Workflow icon-built in.

  2. When you click on the button, you will see this message. After that click on ok button.


  1. And when this workflow is running, you’ll see this notification on the form.


  1. And when this is done, it’ll change the field value (or whatever your workflow is supposed to do).