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How to create a Marketing Lists in Dynamics 365

By Himanshu on 4/20/2020

There are two types of marketing lists available in Dynamics CRMStatic and Dynamic. In this blog we will show these include in creating a Static Marketing list. Static lists have to manually have names added or removed from them and in Dynamics lists these are automatically updated based on an advanced find query applied to it.

Creating Marketing Lists

Step 1: On the main Navigation Bar, select the arrow located to the right of the Sales module.

Step 2: Select 'Marketing' and then select 'Marketing Lists'.

Step 3: Select 'New' in the Command Bar.

Step 4: Choose an appropriate 'Name' for your marketing list.

Step 5: Select the 'Targeted At' option (Account, Contact, Etc.)

Step 6: Select 'Static or Dynamic' in the Type field.

Step 7: 'Save' the record.

Now Click the Manage Members Button at top ribbon. And select the “Add using lookup” option.

Now search for the contacts you want to add as show below and get them add.

Now again in same search if you want to search some other contact you can search again by searching with his name and get them add to. So, like this you will be adding all contact you required.

Now finally click “Add” button all the selected contacts will be added to your newly created marketing list.  As shown below in the screen shot.

Now click on the “Quick Campaign” to create it from this same marketing list Crm form.

Click next as shown in the screen shot below.

Enter the name for this campaign


And click next. Now select the activity type you want for the selected contacts in the marketing list. Below activity type as “Email” is been selected. 


Now click next, and paste the email body content and signature image.


Process to add the your company logo in your mail body:

Online image URL – You required to get this URL by uploading it to cloud. 

First paste the URL to browser and from their copy the image by right clicking to it and selecting copy option. And paste in the email body description box as done while demo.

Now paste it the email body as shown below.

Now click next.

Now click “Create” now the whole process is complete. In next step open the quick campaign.

On opening this quick campaign record. You will find the email activity records to whom the email is been sent.