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Description to new feature Hierarchical Security Models in Dynamics CRM 2015

By Himanshu on 1/7/2015

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 a new feature has been added to the security model to display hierarchical position based on the manager field. This will provide a visual representation of a hierarchical structure for a manager which is much easy to understand.  In other words if Sudeep is a manager at XRM Labs and Anurag and Krishan report to him, the hierarchy will show Sudeep at the top and Anurag and Krishan below Sudeep. The best part about Hierarchical Security Model is that based on the reporting Hierarchy the manager also has access to the crm records of his/her subordinates. This is a very welcome changes. Now the security model of CRM is in line with real world functioning of organizations.

This new feature is added in ‘Security’ section under ‘Setting’.

Hierarchy settings are available under ‘Security’ to enable this feature click ‘Hierarchy Security’

After clicking ‘Hierarchy Security’ user will land on this CRM webpage show below.

Make the selection from A to D as shown in the picture one by one.

A.      Enable the Hierarchy Modeling.

B.      Select the Hierarchy to Manager.

C.      Enter the depth of the hierarchy.

D.      Select entity to be excluded from the hierarchy model can be set here

Save the record.  A new hierarchy view has been created and it can be viewed from the user record by opening a user and selecting View Hierarchy.

Following display will be available.

On clicking the ‘Arrow’ (highlighted in blue) as show in the screen shot above further hierarchy will be display. 



Because of this feature now the managers will have rights to all the records owned by a person direct reporting to him thus eliminating the need of a sharing model.

For enabling the Positional Security model select the Hierarchy Security item.

To do this first Click the ‘Hierarchy Security’

This will take you to the following page

A.      Enable the Hierarchy Modelling.

B.      Select the Hierarchy to Custom Position

C.      Enter the depth of the hierarchy.

D.      Select entity to be excluded from the hierarchy model can be set here

Navigate to the security main page and Select ‘Positions’.



Here you will find a list of positions.

Here you can define positions and which position reports to another position. Defining a position is very simple all it needs a name, and a parent position if it required.  Clicking on ‘Vice President